Circus Circus Hotel Casino
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This was around the middle of September of 2015. I stayed at the Circus Circus for 5 nights and 6 days! I had to move rooms twice because of bed bugs! I was on vacation and what a pain in the ass that is to move. I will never stay at the Circus Circus again that is for sure! I stayed at the Manor the first night and the next day there were marks all over my body and my socks were black from walking on the carpet for like 5 minutes! They then moved me to the west tower and after an hour of being

in a new room, a bed bug jumped on my arm! You can pay an extra $2-$300 dollars for a lot better place like the Luxor or Excalibur! Do not stay here! Saving the little bit of money is not worth it!

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I just posted on here about we say 10 Labor Day weekend we also stayed at the Manor in room 2817. I just call the hotel and ask if I could be transferred to that room and the lady said I'm sorry but nobody's answering that room that tells me that they still have that room occupied after I called and made the complaint. We all need to get together to do a class action this should not happen to people especially when they know about the issue and were paying over $150 a night for a room.

We stayed at Circus Circus over Labor Day weekend. When we first got there we had a bad feeling due to good uncleanness of the room. The floors were filthy hair dryer was taken apart mold on the shower curtain. But we did not want to ruin our good time so we stayed. We stayed 2 nights. After the second night my 14 year old daughter started to itch on her arms. By Monday night her arms were covered with bites and swollen up. Tuesday morning I called Circus Circus they told me they would need to c

all me back I got a call back from security then he told me he needed to call me back. Now it is 5 days later and no one has called me back. Two days ago now I have a few bites on my arm. I would highly advise people to not go to Circus Circus

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In June 23-25 , 2015

Not only was I told it was negative I was also told I called yelling at peope all day which was not all true yes I yelled nut at the fact that when I asked for proof I was kicked out the hotel I have pictures and have found more then 60 comments that all for what happen to me the kicked out part the negative results but proof of welts n stuff from the bugs I have forwarded this concern to corporate and I am preparing to get statements from everyone if needed that had to g

o through the same thing u can't believe the hotel I stayed at and worked for would treat me like this I got trespassed off the property for asking to prove no bugs existing besides word if mouth then when asked about why after u reported the bugs they changed it to u didn't pay today but yet when I said u babe my card on file they try n change it please see other reviews and I have plenty more how can u do that to us and to people and still be standing as a hotel and not being investigated .😢
Well I have my proof that's all I need to know im giving it all to coorparates hands

If you need to see the pictures let me know

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Circus circus
stayed for wedding 6th May-10th May 2015
Room: 28807 Queen right side bed.West Tower.

Filed report.
security came to room with housekeeping. Took pics of my bites.

Called today to get Manager details and Risk Management details. I will inform local health authority, get medical verification and pursue this vigorously. Records of cleaning will be requested.

A direct contact or email address for the managers involved was denied to me over the phone.

My bites are itchy

sore and unsightly.

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Casino Tower, March 2015.

Woke up with some bites. Checked the bed - looked fine and then found a bug scurrying under the pillow.

Filled out an "incident report" which was a complete waste of time. Despite capturing a bug and handing it in when Circus Circus finally deemed me worthy of a reply (well over a month later) the test, perhaps "unsurprisingly" had come back negative.

On the day we checked out as we didn't fancy the chances of another bug-infested room. Asked the hotel about

moving to another MGM resort. No.

Asked about getting at least a refund on our cheap CC stay. No.

Asked about the "car" we'd been promised to move us to a different hotel (at our expense). No.

I still haven't had a refund of our (non) stay. Bed bugs are bad enough but the lack of anything approaching what I understood the USA was famous for (service) is p poor.

Stay away.

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Found one in the bathroom the last night I was in there. I inspected the beds thoroughly prior to unpacking, no signs up to that point. Came home, bagged everything straight into the dryer high heat. Sprayed the luggage bags. I also have a picture for proof. Won't be able to stay there again.

BEDBUGS! Manor no bargain if you wake with bedbugs bites, itchy patches, poor sleep.
The only thing as bad as this is the disrespectful, snide staff.


My family stayed ther for 4 nights we stayed in 3 different room my daughter woke up because her newborn abay was covered in bed bugs. they took and quarantined our stuff including food I brought for money saving costs we never got back our stuff and Loss mit will not call us back. I will never staty there again I am apalled at the service

I cannot believe and am appalled to see reports going back to 2010!!! That is just disgusting beyond belief. I stayed in The Manor Room 2215 on June 18 & 19, 2014. On June 20, 2014, I noticed red and itching marks on my left side of my back and on my right arm! I have never in my life had this happen to me. I drove nine hours to see daughter and cannot believe this happened. I found two bites near the top of my leg. I too noticed a crusty hole abd thought it was a cigarette burn and after readin

g about bed bugs discovered the hole is their feces!!!! GROSS!! How evil that nothing has been done. I am demanding a full refund of $150. I pray my own home does NOT become infested. I did notify housekeeping about the comforter. The bites are directly found on how I sleep. I have pictures of these marks. Please correct this situation as soon as possible!!!! Thank you.

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We stayed on 1/23/13 for 2 nights. I am immune suppressed and am on chemo so I was really worried about bedbugs.

We pulled the mattresses away from the walls and checked the bed thoroughly and the floorboards behind the bed. No bed bugs. They were clean too.

Had no problem with bites. Would definitely stay here again.

We states here February 13th-16th 2013. When we initially checked into our two connecting rooms 1436 and 1438 in the casino tower we didn't have any findings or sightings of bed bugs. It wasn't until we checked out on the 16th that we saw one crawling on the mattress in room 1438. Smh husband and I and the other guest that we were traveling with marched downstairs to the front deal and they sent someone up to take pictures from risk management. I received a two night refund and I'm still waitin

g on the hotel to reimburse me for my luggage that turned out to have them inside of it when I got home! Not to mention I've paid 800.00 for Pest control services to get rid of them! Staying here is totally not worth the head ache! Pay a little more money now than paying a lot more later to get rid of these things!

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Opps saw the correction. Sorry :)

In looking at Tanya's complaint written April 23rd....It's not the 29th of April yet? Might wanna check in first :)

I stayed here on April 6,7,8 2013. On the morning of the 8th I had what I thought was regular insect/spider bite on my arm. As the day went on while I was at my conference my arm itched more, then started getting itching on my shoulder. Didn't think much of it until I got home that night and with my back now itching too took off my shirt and noticed 3 patches of bites to go with the bites around my right arm and left shoulder. All together ~50 bites.

B/c it was ~12am Thursday night, I bag

ged up all my clothes and suitcase, showered, and went to bed. Called Circus Circus the next morning. Besides complaining that I didn't call them the day before, they instantly referred me to security, who took down my info and said they would be in contact. That was two weeks ago. I am having a similar experience to reporter Tanya where they say the report is coming and will keep me posted, but don't call me. I was told they would have the report this Monday, here is it Friday, called again, no info, reporter is out until Monday and will "call me then".

It caused me to search for other reports.., came across the Tanya report covering March 28-30th for her son. Turns out I was in room 2038, same as one of her sons rooms. This is HUGELY negligent to have a report, not block off the room, and subject other patrons to more bed bug bites.

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Sorry correction for the bed bug report was for our stay in March 28-30th. Tanya

My son stayed at the Circus Circus April 28, 29, and 30th 2013 in the manor lodge rooms 2036, 2037 and 2038 with his basketball team. He came home with bumps all over his arms, legs and back. I took him to the doctor's and she confirmed bed. bugs. I filed a report with risk management and gave all the information. They advised they would block off those rooms and have them inspected and get back to me. They never called me back or returned any of my phone calls. Finally today 4-22-13 I got answe

rs when I called them it has been about a month later, they advised the rooms all came back negative I asked for a report stating that they said it is internal and cannot provide that information. I find it strange that they never called to advise me of that and also I find it funny how my son came back covered with bites and that there was no bugs!!! I'm sorry but this hotel does not have there customers best interest and still allowed other guests to stay in these rooms even after I reported this incident. They never blocked off the rooms and I doubt they ever got them inspected. The lady at risk said they have had guests in those rooms and no one has complained. I suggest to stay away from this hotel.

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My husband and I stayed her in July 2012. The first night I though may I had been bitten by a spider. As the trip progressed I had bed bug bites all over my feet. My feet were extremely itchy and swollen. It was confirmed by my doctor that they were bed bug bites. Do not stay here!!

My brother came to visit me on 3/1/13
The first day he came we were relaxing and talking all of a sudden my audited in law screamed and had a huge bed bug on her dress .. She had Been laying on the bed ..

I was very leery about staying at Circus Circus after reading all the complaints on this website. But after checking this website about every hotel I could think of in Vegas, I found out that they all had complaints about bedbugs against them, with the exception of The Orleans and The Fremont, both of which were fully booked when I needed to be there. As a last resort I called the hotel to talk to them directly, and they were very candid about it, stating that they had about six cases, none r

ecently, and since they are part of the MGM network - they take this problem very seriously. They told me once they become aware of the problem, the room is completely closed off, treated, left empty for a reasonable amount of time, then completely inspected and only reopened once it has been determined that there are no bed bugs. We booked a room in the "Newly Refreshed" Skyview Tower area at Circus Circus, and upon check in I brought up the bed bug issue again, and was again told a story similar to what I had heard over the phone. Our room was #25703 and it was clean, comfortable, and had absolutely no problem with bed bugs. So I would say, do your homework and check this bed bug problem out as best as you can, but don't stay away from Vegas because of it.
We stayed there on August ll and 12, 2012.

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Me and my boyfriend stayed at this hotel for 3 days (13-15 aug 2012 room 4547 manor d) The first night I was bite by a bed bugs and and the second Night it happen again. I have several bite on my body. If you stay on this hotel remember to check for Bed bugs in your room!!!

My fiance and I stayed in the manor lodge room 2442 for MY BIRTHDAY for 2 nights from 6/2-6/4/2012. The afternoon we got home, I noticed 3 bites on my legs and ankles!! I have filed a complaint with the risk management and am waiting for a response from the lady regarding their "investigation". It's been a week today and I have yet to hear anything from them. I wish I had known about this website and seen all the horrible reviews. I tried to save money to have a great time and

got bed bug bites as my birthday present. DO NOT STAY AT CIRCUS CIRCUS!!!

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DO NOT STAY AT THE WEST TOWER! It seems that circus circus has been making promotions of their newly remodeled rooms in the casino towers and west towers, but don't be fooled! Upon arriving, we were put into a room in west tower 26th floor which smelled like smoke and so we were moved to the 27th floor. Room 27108 I believe and there were bed bugs!! Initially checking into the room I checked the bed and noticed brown rust spots which I assumed was nothing since sometimes stains stay o

n sheets even if washed. However after doing research today on bed bugs, it's a sign that there are bed bugs. Since I didn't know, I slept for the night then woke up next morning and found a bed bug crawling around. I freaked out, went to complain downstairs to management and by the time they sent someone up to check, we didn't know where the bug went. I am paranoid that some might have traveled back home w/ me in my luggage so I've decided to wash everything thorougly at the laundromat. At the time I didn't notice any bites, but now it's 3/29/12 I noticed welts on my face and arm. The inspector suspected they were hidden behind the headboard

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Please do not stay nor let kids stay until the problem has been cleared.March 4th-10th my husband and myself stayed at Circus Circus on the 3night I noticed red marks on my legs and arms.The 5th night there was blood markings on the bed.We opened a report and the claims department said they would have the room checked.They said ecolab pest control said the room was clear but they did not respond to any calls we made, we wanted to specifically to the ones who said the room was bed bug free. Adria

na (claims rep) is very rude be prepared to deal with her and once the room was cleaned there is know no record of the room having problems. I wish I took pictures!! The blankets are dirty,pillow case and clearly states they do not wash bedding all the time. If you choose the stay at this hotel take pictures and lift up the bedding,pillows and mattress. We stayed on the 27th Floor in the skyrise tower,hotel isn't bad but the rooms need better cleaning and bug free!! Again please be advised about staying there

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Stayed there on Jan 15th on the 18th floor in the west tower. Blanket was missing in my bed. Housekeeping sent one up and it stunk! Checked out the next morning and found bit marks on both arms, neck and face one day later. Not sure why there is a delayed effect but inflammation and itchiness got really bad within a week. Will warn everyone against staying there.

I stayed at the Circus Circus from October 8-12,2011. This is one nasty place to stay, I stayed in room 19728 and 19715, I found cockroach's in both rooms and also Saw little nasty bugs(not sure what they where).
I would never recommend this hotel to anyone, I would never even stay there for free. don't be cheap and stay there, you will pay the price for it. Plus it is at the nasty part of the strip.


September 6, 2011

Bedbugs in room 11736. I awoke with bite marks all over my arms and legs. I checked the mattress and it seems new. I believe they tried to decontaminate the room but clearly did not do it right. Disgusting.

Never seen a bed bug until I stayed at Circus Circus. We are checking out this morning and moving to a better Hotel. (one without bugs)

checked into Circus Circus on 8/15/2011- about 2 a.m awoke to itching and scratching... flipped on the lights and the sheets were literally moving.

I was offered another room by staff, but who in hell would stay in this hotel after that?

I should file a lawsuit for the dozen bites I continue to scratch... I did get a refund and moved over to Planet Hollywood.

never again.

Definately got bed bugs from circus circus. Tear that ol' nasty infested trap down or who ever the owner is let him sleep in bed bugs for a week to see how how he likes it. My girlfriend Got them and we think our two friends have them. We saw a huge one crawling cross the bed.. And it cost alot of money to fix this problem

Ok, this really sucks! Wish I would've found this websit3 before we got a bed bug infestation from Circus Circus!! We also stayed in the Manor rooms about 3 months ago. My wife and kids are riddled with bites for the last 2 months and we now just found a huge nest in our $1800 mattress I threw out yesterday. And all the linen, pillows, and my sons favorite biz light year bed. It's gross!! Don't buy cheap at Circus circus!! You'll pay for it later!

Stayed here for two nights and finally the third day, I found a bed bug on my bed! I was so terrified I killed it and checked my 11 month old daughter to see if she got bitten but thankfully not. They took it like it was a regular thing and just switched our rooms but that's not enough!

***** BED BUGS BEWARE*****

My Family and I arrived at circus circus las vegas in room 28728 on 12/20/2010 and the 1st night that we were there I awoke to horrible itchy burning skin, went to bathroom and discovered my arm, leg and back had bite marks. the next morning I informed the manager who sent housekeeping up and moved us to another room, my whole stay there was a nightmare with 11 bed bug bites that were inflamed and so itchy, its almost 2 weeks later and it seems I may have scarring a

nd bites are still there. I guess its true when they say you get what you pay for

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Stayed in the Manor rooms from 9/20/10 to 9/25/10 during a convention. First noticed red itchy marks on my shins on Monday 9/27/10. My wife wants to kill me.

We stayed at the Circus Circus Manor mid May 2010.
Don't remember room number. We are not alergic to bedbug bites (we know that now...)so we did not feel / see bits etc, nor did specifically we look for bedbugs -besides inspecting the cleanliness of the sheets we did not bother checking anything else...
now, 3 monthes later, we have bed bugs in our bed room. The Pest exterminator tells me they have been around for probably 3 monthes.
Reading all the reports in this section makes me wonder if

"our" bugs were "imported" from the Circus?...I think we could only ask the bugs - but I hope to god they will all be dead tomorrow...

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We stayed there June 27, 2010 checked out June 28, 2010. My daughter started to complain about some bug bites she had and then my other daughter showed me bites that she had... I called the hotel they said that they would investigate, they have come back and said that they are not responsible. I'm pissed. The room number was 9833.

A friend and I stayed at Circus Circus May 14 to May 18th, 2010. We had to file a complaint with the hotel for several things. However, the most notable complaint was their bed bugs. Our first night we were given a horrible room in the manor. There were visible bed bugs in our bed. It was disgusting, and we called the manager right away. She gave us an upgraded room which did not have bed bugs. I cannot remember the original room number, but stay away from those manor rooms.

I stayed for 5 nights. Every night I slept in the bed, I itched the entire night. By the end of my stay, my legs were covered with red dots.

I was with a party of 9 and all of them had the same problem of itching at night. Some said that i could have been allergic to the bed sheets material or the detergent.

Firstly, I have never been allergic to any material nor have I been allergic to detergent. I could use any detergent and not have a reaction. Lastly, what are the odds that my e

ntire party (business colleagues) are allergic to the same thing.

Answer: they have bed bugs.

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