Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

Found 41 reports:

I work in Las Vegas and the owner of the company I contract with books the Ceasars. I stayed in room 2958 in the Augustus tower from 10/15/2021-10/16/2021. The room has double beds and I slept in the bed facing the Chanel store. In the middle of night, I felt something biting me but I thought it was all in my head. The next morning I woke up with bumps in a line along my foot, legs, and arms. I honestly thought it was a mosquito bite. Went to work the next day and literally wanted to scrat

ch my skin until it bled. I had noticeable swollen marks on my body. I flew home the next day and went to urgent care. The doctor told me I had bed bug bites. These bites were not present when I arrived in las
Vegas. I called the Ceasars hotel after my doctor confirmed that I had bed bug bites on multiple sites of my body. The operator transferred me to security. Security took my claim and said someone from the front desk would call me back. This was on Sunday, Oct 18, 2021. As of Oct 21, 2021 no one has called me back. I called the Ceasars and they said no one filed a claim when I called on Sunday 🙄. I’m disgusted and disappointed at the hotel’s handling of this matter. I have over 20+ bites on my feet, arms, and legs. I spent nights scratching bites and mid have scars. No one is resolving the issue. Do not stay at this disgusting hotel.

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Went to vegas to have a great new year. On the second day I noticed some bites on my arm. I looked in my bed and found bed bugs. Went to vip desk with bed bug in bag. The manager said I have friends. I asked if she would like me to put my friend in her bed. They sent up a person to make a report and take pictures.They said I had to talk to risk prevention. but they were off for the week end. They moved us to another room but never called or asked if we were ok. I felt like the

y wanted to brush it under the rub (bed) I am shocked that a large company would treat us like that after they saw the problem was for real... we stayed in the Octavius tower room 5767

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I stayed here for a work conference 7/14 to 7/18. I was originally supposed to be in the Roman Tower and when I checked in they "upgraded me" to the Octavious Tower. I was on the 64th fl overlooking the pools. The room looked clean and the first few nights I never noticed anything. I woke up early morning, around 5am on 7/18 to use the bathroom and saw something crawling on my underwear. I just brushed it off and squished it with my flip flop. When I saw the red blood, that's when I fully woke

up and took a closer look. I searched on Google and confirmed it was a bed bug. I went back to look at the bed and saw another one crawling (pretty fast) under the bed skirt. I was too skeeved out to check the bed fully. I took pictures of the bug I squished and took it to the front desk. Staff confirmed it was a bed bug and I filled out a report with security. The manager I spoke to - he called me after the security report was filled out - said they couldn't identify it positively because they're not "experts" and offered me a free breakfast. He said because I was checking out today anyway there wasn't much they could do. I had housekeeping bring me some plastic bags and gloves, packed my stuff up and checked out immediately. I had bites continue to show up for a week after I left. Thankfully no signs that any traveled home with me and I threw out most of my stuff and luggage.

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Stayed from March 27th,2015 to April 2nd, 2015
My husband was on a conference the week of March 30th, 2015. My daughter and I decided to join him the weekend before and stayed from Friday through Tuesday. He stayed on till Thursday.
Kept waking up Monday night for Tuesday by itchiness on my arms. Woke with 5 /6 welts on my arms. I thought I had been stung by mites or something during the day. Only for my husband to send pictures the next day saying ... guess what?? He had pictures of bedbugs o

n the bed where my daughter and I had been sleeping. Of course by then my luggage was already in my house. Now I have to hope and pray that I didn't come back home with any of the creepy crawlers.
The annoying thing was that my husband mentioned it to the staff at Caesars and they just shrugged it off. so they know about the issue. Not sure if they have done or are doing anything about it.

I didn't realize that this register existed or that bedbugs at hotels were such an issue. I certainly didn't expect to find bedbugs at a hotel I paid about $200 a night for.
Lesson learnt ... I'll be checking before I check-in to any hotel .. no matter or how priced or seemingly classy the hotel looks.

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It was a family vacation summer 2014 we were very excited to stay at Caesars Palace since its high rated and one of the best hotels in Vegas. Well that is a huge mistake we made. First of all room smelled very unpleasant. It looked great, everything was in place, seemed like great room. We usually inspect the room before placing our luggage on the floor, but since we were very excited to arrive to totally forgot inspect room, under the bed sheets, and disinfect the room. As we were placing the l

uggage on the floor, my friend was checking the bed sheets and before you know it, she saw a bug moving, and she looked closely, and it was a bed bug!! We freaked out and couldn't believe it. Then all of a sudden I felt something on my chest and as I look down, it was a bed bug!!! I screamed so loud and I couldn't believe. Then we had to call front desk and we waited for about an hour till someone came up to assist our issues. A security guard finally came up to our room to figure out the problem. I was so upset that I couldn't believe why we waited for so long, this was ridiculous! Security guard was paging front desk for assistance but they kept saying "well have someone up there in a few minutes", few minutes turned into another 2 hours of waiting, I couldn't believe sure poor service!! We had security guard call manager and still no luck. Highly disappointed and at the end we left and asked for a refund, I couldn't stand such poor service and very rude workers. Caesars Palace should fumigate the entire place!!

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04-06-13. 65 floor of the Octavius Tower. My room was spotless. No bugs of any type.

Me and my boy friend wanted to go on a vacation. We chose Vegas. Unfortunately, we also chose Caesars Palace. We looked around, and loved how it looked. When we got in our room, we were disatisfied. The first thing I saw when I walked in the room, a bed bug on the floor. Lovely. I took a pic and a video, oh yeah and my boyfriend captured it in a cup. We put it aside so we could look for more bedbugs. I lift open the sheet, and their , I see, 2 more bed bugs. My boyfriend managed to capture one o

f them, but the other ran into a crack. Where was this crack? In the celing. I didn't notice it before but it was a big brown hole. We brought the two bedbugs ( and our lugage ) to the front desk. They said that there rooms were clean. But, I said it loud so I could warn other people. About 70% of people left. Ha. Serves them right for having bedbugs. We left immediatly.

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Angustus Tower Room 5676 July 30 - Aug 4, 2012
Wife slowly go sick and we did not know why, she developed big round and swollen welts on her legs and arms. We thought it was some allergic reactions to some food that was eaten on Monday. Went to Doctor when we were back on home on Monday and he said, they were bed bugs, Her legs and arms and eye lids are are swollen and looks like a battery zone.

I stayed at in the Palace Tower for 4 days. I didn't notice any bites until I got home. I guess they hitched a ride in my luggage. I wasn't sure whether I had bed bugs, lice or just imaginary bugs crawling on me every night but after reading the reports on this site, I am now certain I picked this up at Cesars Palace. I have been fighting the bugs for over two months now. They keep coming back.

My friend and I checked into Caesars Palace June 4, 2012, and were assigned a room in Augustus Tower. I woke up at 3:30 – 3:45am, very itchy and tried to see what was itching my arm. I had two big round and swollen welts on my arm. I took an antihistamine for the itch. It’s very swollen. I suspected Bed Bugs, so checked the bed and sure enough there is a big bug, still alive, with a big fat heavy back side. I guess it is engorged with my blood. I put it in a glass, covered it, and called th

e front desk. “What would you like me to do?”, the front desk asks. "I don’t know, what is the procedure?" I ask. “Do you want me to put you through to housekeeping?”, he asks? “I guess so”, I answer. Housekeeping promises they will be right up. I wait. I take photos of my bed bug bites, I film the live bug in the glass. I wake up my friend and we stare at the bug in the glass, creeped out.
Housekeeping manager arrives. She is very friendly and kind. She says, “I understand you might have been bit by something?” I give her the glass with the live bug. She confirmed it was a bed bug. ‘We'll have to move you right away”, she said. “What will you do next,” we ask? "We will fumigate the room. It has to be closed for three days." she confirms.
“What about our stuff? Will our clothes and luggage be washed/checked, fumigated? Do you have a heating or freezing process to kill off any bugs that may have got into our clothes or our luggage?’ “We don't have washing/heating/freezing facilities”, housekeeping says, “ but if you put your stuff in bags we can send it out to laundry”. We bag our bed clothes separately and pack up. We are advised security will come to take a report, and then risk management will talk with us and help us address our possible infestation issue. The bellman arrived to help us move.
My friend and I were then moved to another room in Augustus tower, but it had only one bed. Now it's 5:00 am, and bellman calls the front desk while we wait in this second room, possibly infesting it. They offer us a roll away cot! I said, no, we each want a proper bed. The bellman asks me to speak with the front desk, and so I do, and am on hold for 10 minutes. Finally, bellman suggests we just go downstairs. I go downstairs with him to get a room with two beds. At the front desk I have to explain my story and provide ID and I finally get a new room with two beds, and am advised security and risk management will contact me right away.

I assume risk management is going to help us to clean up our luggage and clothes and ensure we are not carting any Caesars Palace bed bugs home with us. I'm not sure what security is being sent for but we are advised they have to come first, then risk managment, once the security report is made.

It is 5:30 am, we are in our new room in Palace Tower, and I am freaked out completely. I can't go back to bed, won't even sit on my bed, and am worried about a possible bed bug infestation in my luggage.
We wait for security. We order a room service breakfast while we wait. At about 10 am, five hours later, my friend gets tired of waiting and goes out to visit friends. While I wait for security, I take all my clothes out of my luggage, shake them above the tub which I’ve put hot water into, iron the clothes, (heat kills bed bugs) and then I take a hot blow dryer to my luggage to try to kill off what might have crawled in there.
I finally call the front desk at 12:30 pm and ask when security is coming. It is 7 hours later now and still no security, no phone call, no follow up whatsoever. Our bed clothes are still sitting in their bags waiting to be washed. I’m getting tired of waiting, and I’m trying to get this all over and done so I can actually have a vacation day in Las Vegas. The front desk offers a food/beverage credit for our wait, and advises security is on their way. “When?” “Now.” Okay, I continue to wait. At 3 pm, no security has come. I go out, and leave a note on my door for security. All I can think about is bed bugs. There was only one luggage rack in the hotel room, so there is a possibility that there are now bedbugs in one of our 4 suitcases. I'm worried about bringing bugs home and I’ve heard that you have to throw out all your furniture if it gets bad. I’m completely freaked out about having a couple of big round swollen welts on my arm, and wonder if people are seeing them and staying away from me. I take more antihistamine.
I cancel my evening plans because I’m still waiting for security. I have a small quick meal and back to my room at 6ish. The note I left security is still on my door. At 9:30 pm my friend comes back and is appalled that I have still not been contacted by security. I agree it’s absolutely crazy. I had finally fallen asleep around 7 pm, since I had been up since 3:30am. I am furious now. I have done little else but wait for security and take my own measures to address a possible bed bug infestation in my luggage. Some vacation!

I have wasted an entire day waiting in good faith for Caesars Palace to appropriately address this issue. I go downstairs and ask to speak to a manager. It is almost 18 hours since I have been bitten, and Caesars Palace management is seemingly avoiding me. Finally a manager speaks with me. She apologizes in a curt buisness like professional manner. She is defensive; she didn’t know, it’s not her fault this has happened, she has only just come on her shift, no one told her, and she is offering me a partial compensation of my food and beverage bill. I am angry at this patronizing service and her paltry offer. Clearly she can’t see that we have already been provided with a food and beverage credit. She then spies this and comments rather triumphantly that I have already been offered a $200 food and beverage credit. “Yes”, I confirm, “ a far more generous offer has already been made”.
I ask her again when security is coming, as I’ve been standing a good fifteen minutes waiting at the desk. She dismissively assures me security is on his way.
I go to the people waiting in line at hotel registration and tell them, I got bit by bedbugs in Augustus tower. Don't stay in Augustus Tower. I tell this to everyone in line and show them my bite welts.
I look back at the Manager. Now I have her attention. She advises me she is going to have to ask me to leave if I continue to talk to the guests. I ask when security is coming and she picks up the phone and talks to them once again and advises me security is coming right away.
The security guard finally comes over. He is kind and compassionate and says it’s unbelievable that you have experienced a public health violation and on top of it, this very poor service. He apologizes, and confirms they had a request at 5:30 in the morning that got missed. I put my story into a one page form. What next, I ask. We are done, he says. That’s it. A report. I waited a whole day to make a 6 sentence report? Nothing more will be done?
I ask him to get me the operations manager. He does this. I advise operations manager we were going to stay at another hotel for our last night in Vegas, we have friends working there who have ‘comped’ us a room, but we have advised them we had a bed bug issue and now they don’t want us to come. Understandably, we certainly don’t want to spread this infestation around either.

We think we should stay here at Caesars in the same room, and I don’t think I should have to pay for the third and last night. (Let me be clear that I am not asking for a refund for my first and second night, I think this request is more than fair.)
Operations Manager says, I can’t do that, I can only offer you a discount for tomorrow night! A discount! I have lost a day of my vacation and waiting to deal with this issue, I have a possible bed bug infestation which I may be taking home with me, which no one has offered to help me address, and the operations manager says, “no sorry, only a discount, then he extends his generous offer, "I can extend your check out time tomorrow to a little later.” Are you kidding me, I ask? Fine, I say, I will go to the media. "Fine." he says, unconcerned. He doesn't care. I walk away.
So Caesars Palace has bed bugs, and they care very little about the impact on their guests. At best, they might offer a food and beverage credit to appease, but they take little to no action to address the public health issue. They have not offered to help us address the possible infestation we may have, and they don’t care that we might spread the infestation around. They are not concerned about the social humiliation, distress and stress this is causing. At this point, I have not been contacted by risk management, 22 hours after I was bit by bed bugs at Caesars Palace. I can only conclude that Caesars Palace just doesn’t care about this issue. I feel like collateral damage.

My findings: Caesars Palace has:
1. Little to no bed bug procedure and policy for front desk staff. They didn’t know what to do.
2. No procedure for ensuring guests luggage and clothes are decontaminated.
3. No procedure in place for addressing a possible transfer of infestation from one room to another
4. No follow up with guests who encounter bed bugs in their room
5. No procedure advising when and how security and then risk management will follow up with guest
6. Poor service response for guests who experience bed bugs in their rooms.
7. The bags of our bed clothes were never picked up for washing.
8. Guests have to be very assertive to get any kind of service regarding bed bugs.

I don't recommend staying at Caesars Palace.

Leslie, sleepless in room 2120, Palace Tower, Caesars Palace, 2:23am June 5, 2012.

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My wife and I stayed in the Augustus Tower, room 2965 in February. Things were fine; we didn't know abou this website, however. Since then my wife had been complaining about itching and bug bites. Thought maybe it was because of the season. Just two days ago I was showering at home and noticed a bed bug in our bathroom trash can. I killed it and called my wife at work to see if she noticed any. She said no but suggested I'd spray around the baseboards in the bedroom and bathroom. I started in th

e bedroom behind the bed. There in a fine space where to pieces of wood met in the headboard lied several of the bugs. Disgusted, I began spraying the bugs. I pulled up the mattress and found more inside screw holes, some big, some small, some looking like larvae stages. We called an exterminator and subsequently disassembled the bed, sprayed it heavily, and disposed of the frame. Now that we know about this site, we'll check EVERY time we stay out.

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I just reporting what happend to my friend who just stayed there in the new tower. He got a bad case of bedbugs. It almost looks like he as measles because of the bits. Just FYI..

Stayed here in late January. Our room was in Forum Tower, 25th floor.

Got a bed bug infestation as a souvenir.

9/15/2011 - My wife and I just returned from 3 days at Caesars. Having seen the reviews on this site we were extremely diligent in checking our bed and room furniture. Fortunately we found no traces of bedbugs and had a very pleasant stay.

This hotel is disguisting. They should shut this place down. Totally gross

June 26, 2011 bites on side and back. Augustus Tower 2357

Update on my stay here at Caesar's Palace May 17th - May 21st, 2011.

I received a letter from the Insurance Comapny stating that they would send an Investigator or someone to look at the room I was in (35th Floor of the Augustus Tower....Room 3593). Haven't heard a thing.

If that is not bad enough, no one from the hotel apologized, or offered to compensate me in any way (for the 1st nights lodging, a meal, nothing). Not one manager from this hotel even called me to apologize or see h

ow I was doing. NOTHING! This is really ironic, because I work in the travel industry. Caesar's Palace "Customer Service" needs to be greatly improved. It SUCKS! Needless to say, I'm very disappointed and disgusted with this place. I realize that sometimes you can get a lemon....but they could have offered "Lemonade" or "Lemon Pie"....but instead they offered NOTHING!


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Book a reservation for 2 connected rooms but end up in a seperate floor rooms 2647 and 2712 Palace Tower..we both have kids and wanted an connected rooms so that my husband can watch all the kids at the same time when we leave the night for clubbing, Customer service sucks at this place and was promise next day they will fix it..So we can't go anywhere..Next day came and I keep asking for the room after 11 am, but nothing, keep coming back till 3pm and finally they got tired of me..Game us a ro

om in 8th floor which is 830-833, so we moved and we didn't get help from anybody nor they offer someone to take our stuff..My sister's daughter accidentally locked the door in room 830 and we have to call for someone and they said will send an engineer, we have issue with the jacuzzi being broken, while i was talking on the phone I felt itchy in my inner thighs while seated n the chair by the table just talking to front desk which by the way was on hold for a very long time, so I started scratching and there's this elevated whelts that is extremely itchy so instead I went to my bed and lied down while I felt something is crawling on me..I called again and complain then my son woke up of itchiness same thing his back is very very red and so his legs for he is wearing just a short..I complained and someone came and I show to this housekeeper all my bites including my inner thighs and they decided to move us in Augustus tower 3655 there our agony finally stopped after I drink my medicine for itchiness and applied some calming lotion after a hot bath..But no one is really apologetic about what happened and I'm afraid that I might have brought them home..Manager Bryann is really rude and they only gave me 1 room wherein in the receipt it said I have two adjusted room.. My party of 7 were all cramped up in 1 room and no one ever told us we have 2 rooms until I checked out the next morning, Be careful on holding any of those goods / foods / coffee on top of the dresser if you lift them you are automatically get charge for they are being weight..I got charge so much that I have to dispute all of kids they just look on the package and put it back, and they have to send a supervisor to confirm those stuff where never eaten before they remove it on my tab with the help of a new named DONNA..After check out, we went to MGM and our stay is more comfortable than ever..people are great and you won't hear music or recorded voice before you got trasferred, people are extremely nice from the simple housekeeper, down to the check in clerk who offered me a celebrity spa suite her name is Jasmine or Angel and I felt so amazed that I have to decline because their offer--I don't want her to feel I was taking advantage of the situation and so a simple suite is fine..It's really embarrasing if people starts treating you like royalty and somehow felt flattered at the same time, room was great and a night to be remembered..My kids 8and13 felt safe walking inside the casino to the pool or mc donalds workers and security and even those guys that are part of the crews are always on the look out for any signs of problem their guest might encounter..And after checkout next day my bill was right at last..they didn't charge me upfront, in fact I got charge later and was asked nicely how was my stay..The room they gave me has no problems w/ bed bugs..17204 very pristine condition and my internet is very fine..nice view of the airport and hooters..My kids and niece had so much fun in the swimming pool and will recommend this for family stay

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I stayed in room 3710 from April 14-17, 2011. I immediately got a rash when I returned home. Now my bed is infested with bed bugs.

Caesar's Palace - Augustus Tower

May 17, 2011

I attended a Conference at this hotel. As I was checking in, I made a comment to one of my co-workers that I sure hoped I would not get bitten by bed bugs. After checking in, I went to my hotel room. I was upgraded to a very nice suite in the Augustus Tower - 35th Floor, Room 3593.

I was careful when I unpacked my suitcase and did not put it on the bed. Instead I placed it on the wooden stand used for luggage. I unpacked my clothes and

hung them in the closet.

I carefully looked at the bed, and examined the headboard area, and the foot of the bed. I did not take the sheets off the bed. I wish I had though.

That night I went to bed about midnight. I awoke the next morning to find my right leg had been attacked by bed bugs. My right leg has huge blotches of red areas on it, where the bed bugs had eaten my skin during the night. I thought I was seeing things. I couldn't believe this had happened.

I quickly showered and got dressed, and immediately went to the closet where my clothes were hanging and I removed them from the hangers and shook them and then I packed my suitcase. I went downstairs to the Registration Desk and explained what had happened. They agreed to move me to another floor, and to another room. I was informed that the hotel was full, and that it would take several hours for the hotel to get a room for me. I was asked to leave my luggage in the room that had the bed bugs by the door.

Six hours later, I still did not have a new room assignment. That was absolutely inexcusable. My luggage was still in the room that had the bed bugs. I was very concerned in that the bed bugs could get into my luggage. I demanded to be moved into a room immediately. They were able to find a room quickly for me, as I was talking very loudly at the Registration Desk so that anyone within 10 feet of me could easily hear that I had been bitten by bed bugs.

Although the hotel personnel moved me to another room, what I find absolutely apalling and inexcusable is that:

1. No one from the hotel even apologized for the bed bug incident;
2. No one from the hotel even apologized for the inconvenience it caused me;
3. No one from the hotel moved my luggage from the hotel room (Augustus Tower - 35th Floor, Room 3593), to my new room. I had to do that myself;
4. The hotel manager, never contacted me to say or do anything;
5. The hotel management has not offered to have my clothes cleaned or laundered. When I pack my luggage, I will place all of my clothes in the plastic laundry bags that I found in the closet and tie them tightly. I don't want to risk taking any bed bugs home with me;
6. I didn't get to go to the pool, as I was too embarassed about the bed bug bites on my leg, so I did not feel comfortable putting on a swim suit as the bits are massive and very noticeable. It's disgusting.
7. When I went back to the room (3593) to get my luggage, I was mortified to find that in six hours, they had made the bed, put fresh towels in the room, and it was ready to be occupied by a new guest. They could not have steamed the carpets or switched out the mattress in such a short period of time. DISGUSTING!

I have filed a Incident Report with the hotel's Security. I have already been contacted by their Insurance Adjuster. I am waiting to hear back from them. It will be interesting to see what they will do (if anything).

I am concerned that the bed bug bites will leave scars on my leg. I will be visiting my doctor and dermatologist when I return home. I have taken photographs of what the bed bug bites did to my leg.

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Stayed during Dec 17-19, 2010 in one of their Deluxe Rooms with another friend.

We were both bitten on both nights, but couldn't find any live bed bugs.. and we were trying to have a good time, so why ruin the moment right? I mean you're in Vegas, leave the drama at home. So, when I got home, I cleaned out my luggage at my doorstep, washed everything immediately, and took extra safe precautions.

And the story goes... I started to get more and more bites as time progressed, and eventually

found not only one, but several live bed bugs hiding in my bed frame. I had to get my room fumigated in January, and again in March, and these fuckers still wouldn't die. I now need a third spray. It's May now.

This whole situation has essentially traumatized me for life. Please for your sake if you're reading this, be careful. Bed bugs literally ruin your life. It's not even all the money you'll lose from paying for new furniture (est: $1000+), and an exterminator (also $1000+), it's your life that gets ruined. Money, you can make back.

You can't sleep, because you're afraid you'll get bitten. If you can't sleep, you won't be able to function properly, it'll kill your mood, and make you depressed. You won't want your friends to come over, because you obviously don't want them to get bed bugs. You can't put anything on the floor, because they might crawl inside. You can't put anything 1m and lower to the floor, because you know what. These fuckers don't die after one fumigation, trust me if you've ever seen a life bed bug. Try to kill it in one whack. I dare you. Spray it with something, go ahead. Put it in water for a few minutes. Trust me, it's still alive. I'm now a pro with this stuff, and from experience and research you're going to need 2-3 professional-grade sprays.

Please becarefull ladies and gentlemen. Bed bugs are serious, it's not a joke.

And PS: Staying at Caesars from a customer service standpoint was also terrible. I'm never going back again, nor do I recommend this place at all. Everyone working there looked like they wanted to shoot themselves, and the housekeeper came in a delivered a bed to our room (the wrong room by the way) at 4am in the morning!! They wanted to charge us $50 for this extra bed that we didn't order too. Anyways, my rant ends here.

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December 30 , 2010 , I was bitten on the head by bd bug and gf also bitten , they moved me to a suite and she left town...

Stayed at Caesars in 2009. Brought bed bugs home with me that costs thousands for me to rid my home of. Tossed furniture and had to have my home sprayed for a year plus. Terrible!

Bed bug bites. Stayed in Palace Tower February 6- February 11 Palace Tower Room 1211. So gross bites all over back and neck

From January 31 to February 4, we stayed in Forum Tower. Room 5310. My husband noticed bug bites over his arms, neck and legs. I wish that we had known about this registry before this stay.

Stayed in Palace Tower Room 2142 Jan 21-23, 2011. Bed on left (closer to bathroom) suspected bed bugs - several bites on back and side.

stayed in palace tower december 26 room on 18th
floor and discovered bedbugs immediately.always check before you unpack!We were relocated to another floor---no apology nothing!

Stayed in Palace Tower Room 477 1/17 - 1/19. Bed bugs showed up in my house 2 days later.

Stayed in the Augustus Tower over Thanksgiving and ended up bringing the little buggers home in the suitcase. At least we hope it wasn't on us.

12/12-12/15/10 had 3 rooms in the Palace Tower; 810, 811, and 830. They were VERY clean; NO BED BUGS!! I would definitely stay there again!

Week of November 14, 2010

Stayed at Caesar's Room 1938 -- Palace Tower.

We stripped the bed and looked all over.

No bed bugs seen or felt during our stay.

Room 1938 -- Palace Tower, was nice and clean.

Thank you Caesar's

bed bugs / Roman Tower room 565 the week of Nov 8th. Gross hotel room


Stayed in the Augustus Tower on the 33rd floor. No bed bugs, very clean, very happy with the service and room cleanliness. No complaints. will stay there again, definitely.

Bug bites on torse & arms.
Stayed in Palace Tower 2601

Room 2659 - bed bug bites all over my back and arm

bed bugs in one of the towers - bites all over

Bed Bug bites on interior left leg and upper groin. Stayed in Palace Tower Room 1531

12/9/09 Stayed in room at Ceasars. Bug bites on arms, hands, legs, torso after first night there. Changed rooms for me - will check this site out for all hotels I stay at from now on.

Suspected bedbugs in room 3601 of the Centurion Tower. Bites on legs. If you get this room be sure to check throughly the bed to the right (closest to windows).

Bed bugs in house after trip. Stayed in Forum Tower 4/23/09- 4/27/09.

Forum Tower. Multiple bed bug bites up and down back. Room number 4428.

No nearby bug reports