Buzios @ the Rio Hotel
3700 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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November 2015

Went to the rio for anniversary.
Hundreds of bed bug bites!!
Security came to room and offered to put amother sheet over the bed !!!

Stayed in the RIO's Masquerade Tower from June 21-26 and suffered numerous bed bug bites on both lower legs. I did not figure it out until I got home. I should have checked the bed when I initially entered the room. I'll never make that mistake again.

I stayed at the Rio Nov17th till Nov 22nd 2012 and found a bug in my bed . I killed it it bled on the pillow. I had never seen a bed bug and thought it was just a bug, but I checked the bed and went back to sleep called housekeeping in the morning and gave them the pillow and they changed my bedding . I'm so disgusted that I slept all that week in that bed . I got bites on my back and arm very itchy, I had never seen a bed bug before . When I got back home I looked them up and you bet it was a b

ed bug I killed so that means there were others feeding off of me . I've dream pt of bugs so grossed out . I've made a report and waiting to hear back and took pictures of the bites . I went to the doctors washed all clothing threw luggage outdoors I'm a Canadian so hopefully nothing hitched a ride home and if they did they are frozen . Beware travelers I will always check my bed in any hotel

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On11-22-12 i took my whole family for thanksgiving weekdnd ar the rio hotel and also noticed bed bug bites. Im familiar with them cause in mexico i had once that problem but in a shity hitel but never expect this from a big hotel in vegas. I called the front desk they send a security up to take a incident report. I took pic of that, could not see the bugs when the officer was there but there were tiny spors of blood on my pillow and sheets probably from over night. Worst thing my 1 t
Year old s

on got bit twice in the face, so they called me 3 days later the hotel insurance claims department and wanted me to send proof of pictured so they can compesate me. But after an upleasant vacation im looking for a settlement not a 3 dayvacation paid by the rio wich they will probably want to do to close the case. No way im fighting this shit big time

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Bed bugs at the rio on 11/08/12. Mgmt only took insurance report. We heard from other conference attendees that there at least two more rooms affected as well.

On June 9th 2012, while staying at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. I could not sleep at all cause I was constantly itching from something bitting my legs. The next morning I looked around the mattress and found to bedbugs. So I called the front desk and told them I found bed bugs in my room. So they sent a security officer up tp my room to verify the bed bugs. And take pictures of my bites and bugs and they made up a case number and filed report with risk management and they moved me into another

room but that room is dirty and had bed bugs skeletons in that bed as well. They did not do anything for me after I called risk management they said they tested the room and it came up negative for bed bugs. I took pictures of the bugs and know what bed bugs look like. I will not stay here ever again ang encourage everyone to stay clear of this place in less you like bad customer service and lots of bed bugs.

Unsatisfied quest

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I stayed at Rio March 14,15,16 2012. Went to a late starting show wed. and got in about 4am, couldnt sleep and was up very early and was a little itchy. I had thought might be the soap or detergent they use at Rio. Stuck around the room thurs. and watched b ball tourney and had noticed some spots on the sheets and thought it was coffee. I remember scratching in the middle of the night and on fri. morning I was non-stop scratching, ankles,wrists,behind,sides. NON-STOP! Took a shower went to eat a

nd came back to the room and was covered with bites. Ended up having to go to an immediate care,after a steroid shot and a perscription I made my way back to Rio. There was no apology or sympathy, just said file a report and changed my room. I am writing this 5 days later till suffering from constant itching! Seriously considering filing a report with LV health dept. Room 26002.

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On July 29,2011-August1,2011,I had reservations at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas,Nevada.On the last morning of my reservation,I discovered bedbugs in my bed and crawling on the backs of my pillows.I immediately notified the front desk,who sent a security officer to file an incident report.The hotel denied me a refund for my stay and told me they would keep in contact.I disposed of all of my belonging after returning home and took proper precaution by not bringing anything into my home.I had to wash

my hair with rubbing alcohol and cut out my extensions.I have been having a difficult time since returning home.I have recently filed a complaint with the BBB of Nevada and also the Health Department.Three months later, I was contacted by a representative from the Rio Hotel stating that they would not reimburse me for my hotel stay because I did not discover the bedbugs until last last day of my stay.My sheets had not been changed for the three days I stayed there.I find it very weird that the housekeeper did not notice them or failed to notify someone.I am disgusted by this Hotel and very unsatified with the way they handled this situation.I will never stay here again and hope that everyone will take the proper precautions when staying in hotel rooms.I am almost relieved that I am not the only one who has experienced this from The Rio Hotel.But it also shows how unprofessional they are and a disgrace to customer satisfaction.

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I stayed three nights there. I picked this hotel because they accepted pets. THe room had an odor and complained the first night but they said nothing was available. I was attending a convention and tried to put up with it the best I could. On the morning I was checking out,I noticed that my mom, who came with me, was bleeding slightly on her thigh. I check the bed, and the bed had tiny bloody smears. I called the front and they sent security to take a report. T promptly checked out,and took all

my stuff to the cleaners but my mistake, I didn't throw out the luggage. The morning after my return, I found to bugs, the size of a med. seized pen tip.

I called the hotel this afternoon and someone has yet to return the call.


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We stayed in Rio for 3 days and after we got back my husband started getting nasty bug bites on his legs! We were in search of the culprit and after endless internet searches determined they were bed bugs. They timing and traveling dates lead back to the Rio... seeing another person encountered this at the Rio verifies bed bugs are present.

I got bit by bed bugs and the hotel were awful about it. As a physician I had hoped that they would listen to me and get the place inspected properly for bed bugs but they wouldn't take action. They just wanted to take photographs of my body! I'll never stay there again.

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