Bouchon at the Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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We stayed at the hotel in November 2013 and it was the dirtiest room I had ever encountered the sofa was covered in stains from what looked liked years of wild partying and the bathrooms were run down and had dirt and mold like stains all over..not only wouldn't i use the toilet but showered with my flip flops on. The bedding was disgusting and worn...I would never stay here again...give it a 0 out of 10. The only upside to the whole resort was the Canyon Spa...would give that a 10 out of 10.

I have bed bug bites on my arm and behind my ear after the first night staying at The Venetian 9/20-9/22/13.

Stayed at the Venezia.
Not only were we bitten by bed bugs, we were disgusted by the dirty room and the draperies bhind the bed where the bed bugs came from.
We required medical attention for the bites and will not stay in that shit hole again.

Stayed in the Venetian on the 10th floor bed bug bites EVERYWHERE! I did not see the darn things and thought it was a mosquito bite at first then saw it was a line of 5 bites across my neck and several on my legs! Very typical of bedbugs. Hotel denies they have a problem but I witnessed and now have read otherwise BEWARE!

Wife and I were staying at Venezia and were bitten all over our bodies.
Management was indifferent to our complaint of bed bugs but could not deny their presence in our room.
Inspect before settling in!

my family always stay at the venetian in the venezia tower. We were there last the
end of jan. 2012. We did not encounter any bedbugs. i was a little parnoid because of the reports but we used the 2 queen beds and the couch pull out bed and no bedbugs whatsoever. i love the venetian venezia tower and Want to again say that we have never experienced any bedbugs. Unfortunately people bring in bedbugs and that is a real problem to the hotels.

I was in the Venetian Hotel room 8-612 from 10/1/2011 to 10/7/2011. I was bit by a bug in many parts of my body . The Hotel say was nothing in the room. My doctor toll me was athropod bites or bed bug or bed fleas . It was a night
mare will not recomend staying in that Hotel.

Me and my friends stayed at the venetian on8/19-8/22 on the third floor in the Bella suite. So far so good no bites. We made sure to check the entire room for bed bugs. I brought a flashlight and gloves. Thank goodness ! Bellman and grit desk all denied having it but they come up on the registry!

tHE HOTEL SENT THEIR dOCTOR WHO SAID our bites WAS AN ALLERGY AND NOT BED BUGS. wHEN WE RETURNED HOME WE SAW OUR doctors and they confirmed we were bitten by bed bugs.
The hotel and their doctor lied. We were told by our friends to dispute the bill and we think thats a good way to get the hotel to start dealing with the bugs and to inspect and control the bugs they have. Dont pay

a hotel who does not protect you from the bugs!

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Got bed bugs, realized after checking out.

Nightmare dealing with management and they of course denied it (said pest control test was negative)... took so long to hear back, hours of calls...they don't care and I would never suggest anyone stay at this property after this unbelievable experience.

Luggage, work materials, everyone with me while at the hotel has stayed outside and in garage for days while waiting to hear back from the hotel (to prevent bringing into my home).... I know it

was bed bugs and hotel won't do anything about it.

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My girlfriend and I had bed bugs under our pillows in the morning, all full of blood. My girlfriend had bites around her neck and chest.

We had to switch rooms.

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