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Yeah! Checked into my hotel super late one night and crashed into bed!

Woke up to not only a gigantic bed bug (gigantic in regards to a bedbug) but also blood. Slept on both of them... Guess that's what I get for not checking out my bed.

Floor 18... I forget which room. Had us a move rooms and told us they would handle it personally.... Instead was NEVER reported at the time of the finding. 3 days later getting the run around from the hotel.

October 8, 9 2014. Room 888 Bites on chest and leg. Wish I would have seen The Bedbug Registry when my associate booked these rooms for our trade show. YUCK!

Stayed at ballys on 10/1/14-10/4/14 in room 1058. Got bedbug bites all over. Manager was rude and said it was an allergic reaction. My sister stayed there also and had bites also. Interesting that we both got a mysterious allergic reaction. It's horrible. Do not stay here!!

Stayed at Bally's for 3 nights eary Sept 2012 South tower 17th floor. 3 weeks later at home getting bit in my own bed. Had hitchhikers in the luggage. Will never stay there again. My house has been professionally sprayed 6 times and now we are doing Heat Remediation. Had to get a new bed and box spring and now reaching the 5,000.00 mark on expenses. A very expensive weekend

I stayed 4 nights at Ballys June 2012) and got home early sun morning about midnight. Two nights later while at work I noticed I was itching like crazy on my lower leg so I took a quick look and noticed red bumps..about 7 or 8 on my lower left ankle area and 3-4 on my right lower ankle area. I know it is not an allergic due to soaps etc cause I had them before..but what I noticed tonight I have never had on me before so i googled bed bug bites etc and noticed that is what they look like. I am so

mad at Ballys because I noticed many letters on the internet talking about Ballys and bed bugs..I sure wish I would have read those before booking my hotels. If these weird bites/rashes do not go away after the 4th of July I will be seeing a doctor and if they continue I will have to hire someone to spray my apartment and that is expensive..not to mention the embarrasment of telling all my neighbors so they can make sure the bugs do not travel...Thanks Ballys for the itching and nasty things I am dealing with right now...will jot be staying there ever again

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I stayed at this hotel, in a suite no less, and woke up to irritation and itching all over my back. I than inspected the bed and found one brownish flat bed bug on the sheet and another along the trim of the mattress. After placing two calls to the front desk in an attempt to report the issue, they stated that security had to take the report and that someone would be sent up to the room to do so. In typical Corporate fashion, the hotel tried to evade taking a formal report by not sending anyone

up after two calls because that would document the incident and confirm a bed bug infestation. This is an important fact because if they took the report and failed to correct the problem they would be legally liable for any other guest that suffered the same fate as me. Shiesty Corps. always count on them to train staff well on how to evade liability. Anyhow, knowing full well how these pricks operate, I placed both bed bugs I found in one of the two glass cup provided in the room and held a paper cover at the bottom as I took it down to the VIP front desk. Lol, front desk "expert" immediately took the cup off the counter in an effort to not alarm any of other VIP guests and quietly said, "Sir, these aren't bed bugs, they are more indicative of what a flea looks like and that is because we are a pet friendly hotel." Nice cop-out!!! I looked it up and what I found was 1000% bed bugs. BEWARE CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT is well aware of this issue in there hotels and has trained their staff very well on how to avoid liability...... Make sure to create a record of the incident in the hotel no matter how many roadblocks they try to set up. This will force them to clean up their act or be suceptible to legal liability and any guest that is harmed!!

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Stayed in North Tower, room 1016, from 2/22 until 2/24. Took an hour and 15 minutes to search the entire room with a flashlight and found absolutely zero signs of bed bugs. Checked baseboards, tables, lamps, pictures, curtains, all bed linens, mattress, box springs, couch, ottoman, electronics, the whole nine. All I found was a lot of dust. Not a single bite or blood spot on the bed at all for the entire stay. Completely bug-free room from what I could tell.

I stayed in Bally's from 1/17/2912-1/19/2012. The very next day I had a rash. At first I thought it was a rash from drinking too many blood Mary's. (So, I changed my drinks) However, the following day I had more rashes on my body. (I never thought I would get bites in a hotel that looked so clean.) When I came home, I had more bites on my body. (shoulders, neck, legs, chest and stomach) My brother, who recently got bedbug bites in San Jose - looked at my rashes and said it was the same that he

had last year. I also google the "bed bug" sites and my bites definitely look like the pictures. The itching is driving me crazy! I have been using Calimine lotion and taking oatmeal and milk baths. These bites, according to what I found will last up to 2 week. The bites are still surfacing on my body. Now, I do have second thoughts about even staying there again. (North Tower Room 1488)

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Stayed at North Tower, Room 2510A. Not a bedbug in sight. Reading the reports on here, I inspected the room, bed, carpets, curtains, etc. and found the room to be immaculate. We stayed at
Bally's for many years and in different rooms and have never come across any bedbugs. Generally, if one room has bedbugs, chances are that all rooms have them. Not sure how the other people on here found bedbugs. Maybe they brought them in. Never have had a complaint about this hotel. We've always bee

n treated superbly. One year we had moth in the room, which was a commonality for this particular year. They switched our room out immediately and had people pack and move our stuff. Ballys been always one of our favs and so far there hasn't been a reason to stay anywhere else.
Stayed 12/14/2011-12/17/2011

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We stayed 11/4/11 to 11/8/11 in the North Tower room 661a. After reading some reviews I was nervous about staying there. No bed bugs and it was very clean. I would stay again.

Stayed at Bally's LV in the North Tower room 949 from Oct 16-20 2011 and saw no signs of bed bugs! Was very pleased with the room.

We stayed at Ballys North Tower room 2219 on 8-27 thru 9-4. I was paranoid about bedbugs and checked the room thoroughly and found no signs of bedbugs during the whole week.All that worry for nothing !

I have stayed at Ballys for the past 4 years in the months of June and July and have never had or seen bed bugs. I have stayed in both the North and South towers. We always get a good deal for rooms at Ballys and enjoy the location on the strip.

BEWARE!!! Stayed at Bally's May 6th thru May 9th, 2011 in room 2101 & 2147. Received too many bedbug bites to count. Went to hotel manager who sent me to security and EMT on staff. They said it was a rash and gave me ointment that did nothing for the bites. After returning home I washed my clothing but to no avail. I received a few more bites. I think a few of the little buggers came home with me. I called Bally's again to let them know my condition but they have not bothered to return m

y call. I am not going to let this go - I will continue to call until something is done.

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Stayed on 16th floor North Tower from 1/2 - 1/5 without a sign of any bug! Pulled back the bedding because I was paranoid and found nothing. Had a great time!

We stayed at Bally's LV from December 6-10, 2010 in a South Tower Junior Suite. We saw no signs of any bedbugs on the mattress, sheets or any of the other furniture. We checked thoughly and were very pleased.

I stayed at Ballys during June, August and October 2010 in north tower. I am very sensitive to bug bites, and had none- I am sure of that.

I stayed at Bally's Thursday 10/21 - Monday 10/25/10. The first night we were in Room 5637 in the South Tower and then moved to Room 575 in the North Tower. On Friday I began itching and thought it was merely an allergic reaction to something. I didn't suspect bed bugs immediately because I figured my husband would have them too. It wasn't until Monday that we remembered on Thursday night I moved into the second bed. There was no way to confirm that I may have been bitten Thursday nite in

the other room but every picture we have seen online of bed bug bites sure does match the 50-60 bites I have on my body!

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I stayed at Ballys on March 14-15th 2010 and stayed in room 534A. I wake up the morning of the 15th and found 9 bites on my arms. They all were in very close proximity to each other and they itched. I alerted the bell hop and he made a call and they never called or contacted me. Luckily I did not stay there any more nights

I stayed at Ballys in early July 2009, and did not see any bedbugs, but I suspected them since I saw drops of blood on the bedsheets after two nights of sleep and I had itchy spots on my stomach area & arms.

I have stayed at Ballys for 6 nights from ug 1 to aug 6. I noticed a dead bug on top of a table but didnot think anything of it.

Came home and four days later i woke up with 11 bites(in total) on both of my legs!!!!!!!! I've been living in my apartment for over 3 years--never was an issue. Now all of a sudden this, I wonder how they got here.. Thanks Ballys sooo much!!!!!!!!! I know where I WONT be staying next time.

Arrived at Bally's early morning of March 11th. I was exhausted and went to sleep immediately. When I awoke that afternoon, I discovered over 50 bug bites on my abdomen and back. When we contacted the desk, they tried to convience me that it was a rash from the linens and asked if I wanted hypoallergenic linens. When I explained that I am a nurse & know the difference between a bite & a rash, they sent an EMT to the room. The EMT gave me some ointment and I filled out a report. Then we were

moved to a different room. The next morning, they had the nerve to call and tell us that no bugs were found & started again with the rash from the linens routine. Now I am worried we have brought the bugs to our home.

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December 21 to 25th, my husband and I stayed at north tower of Ballys. I had 4-5 bites on my torso first nite and wasn't sure what it was. Came back home with bed bugs and still not sure if all of them are gone. It costed me over $400 for exterminator and so much headache. It's a nightmare!

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