Ambassador Strip Inn Travelodge
5075 Koval Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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When I moved to college in August last fall (2010), we stayed in a room here at this Travelodge. August 21, 2010. The first night, we found a couple little bugs on the bed, and having never encountered bedbugs before, laughed it off as "baby cockroaches." The next day we woke up and there were blood smears on both the beds. I had a few of the typical "line bites" down my leg. Still not putting it together, we spent another night in the room. I woke up with blood all over near my hand, and

saw one of the bugs again. I google image searched bed bugs, and sure enough there were our baby cockroaches. The night manager switched us rooms, but the owner or main manager during the day (after a very sleepless night) told us he couldn't refund our money until a test for bugs had been done. We offered to catch one in a coffee cup for him because the room was crawling with them. He was very belligerent with us and refused to refund our money until I told him I was going to review his hotel on every website that I had read reviews on in my life. He then refunded us both nights and gave us Travelodge vouchers. He called back the next day telling us the test for the bed bugs had revealed, "they only found a FEW bedbugs, no big deal."

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