Sunset Station Hotel & Casino
1301 W Sunset Rd
Henderson, NV

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Stayed in adjoining rooms with our children. Room 1407 and 1409. Stayed 7 days over the Thanksgiving 2013 break Woke up on the day before we were to leave with 3 bites. Didn't see any bed bugs...thought the bites were from something else. Woke up the day we were to leave...more bites. Came home - house is infected with bed bugs. Family having many bites. Called, but they don't care. This used to be our favorite hotel/casino.

Just came back from Sunset Station. Stayed there on 11/16-11/18,2013.

On the first night we were in room 523. My wife and I were awake around 7AM when she noticed a bug on the bed. I instantly recognized it as a bed bug. I tried to catch it but could not, so I killed it, and it of course was full of one of our blood. So I contacted housekeeping and they moved us to room 1124. No bugs sighted there. I will be calling Sunset to verify if there were anymore because I am now paranoid that I have

brought them home.

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Stayed in 617, August 9-14, 2013. No bedbugs seen or felt.

We stayed at the hotel on July 8, 9, & 10, 2013. I notices welts and found them on one shoulder, progressing to my back. I thought that it may have been shingles so I saw my doctor on the following Monday. She thought that it looked like it may be bed bug bites. I must have carried them home with me and I am now fighting the battle of trying to get rid of them.

3rd night of the hotel I found a bed bug on the curtain. I left immediately after notifying the staff.

Stayed in rooms 1706 and 1708 5/4-10/2013 - no bedbugs!

I stayed at Sunset Station room 606 with my adult son the nights of April 5-8, 2013 as part of a wedding party. The morning of April 6 I awoke with large welts on my neck and arms which were unlike any I had ever had before. Over the course of my stay, I interacted with other wedding party guests in their adjacent rooms and complained about my itchy bug bites. I returned home on April 8 and on April 11 my son called to say that he had found pictures of bed bug bites online that looked like tho

se he and I had sustained during our Las Vegas stay. I called Sunset Station and was told by the Security person that their housekeeping staff had called just a short time before my call to tell them they were "locking up" Room 606 because they had independently found evidence of bed bugs in the room. The hotel asked me to fill out a Guest Illness Report and a Release of Medical Assistance stating that i refused medical care. I'm not sure what to do next and am afraid I may have brought bed bugs back home or transferred them to others in my party at the hotel.

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