Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa
2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy
Henderson, NV

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We stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Station Casino in a one bedroom suite with a king room attached. My daughter and her friend slept in the living room. We were only given one roll away so my daughter slept on the couch. My daughter was bitten up so badly that when she returned to school she was teased and called Scabby Abby. I called the hotel several times before someone returned my call. Finally, I was put in touch with their insurance company. The insurance company asked that I send a lette

r from my daughter's doctor confirming that it was indeed bed bites. I did that. I just received a letter that says "Based on the evidence in hand, the Committee could find no fault on the part of Green Valley Ranch". Really? I guess it was my daughter's fault or maybe it was our fault for staying there. I am a travel agent and I will list this hotel with my company. I will never book anyone there and the other few thousand agents won't either!

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Stayed here for four nights just before Christmas. After checking out, I noticed a cluster of red, swollen bites on my back. What should have been a relaxing stay has turned into a nightmare of worry.

in summer of 2007 i stayed 2 nights here and then about 2 days later had bites that looked like the bedbug bites i have seen photos of online.

I believe that I may have got bedbugs from staying at this hotel in 2008

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