Motel 6
770 Avenue O
Ely, NV

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July 19, 2015. Woke up with bites on my arm. I researched bed bug bites and they say you can't be 100% sure that is what it is unless you find the bed bug. Which I didn't. However there were two straight lines of bites. I had checked the bed for signs of bed bugs when we came in and found none, but my husband went for extra pillows, they had none but gave him an old blanket - don't know if they came in on that. Just be aware, I've stayed at this motel several times in the past, never a pro

blem before, but this visit I was not comfortable. (I did not report to management, didn't see it worthwhile.)

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On the night of June 18/19, 2015, I woke up to discover I was sharing the bed with bed bugs. Joe, the night clerk, after lifting the mattress to inspect for bed bugs, said he would give me a refund. He tried but couldn't do it because I had paid through Expedia. When I called Expedia on June 20, 2015, they called the Motel 6 and were told by somebody by the name of Kris that she (Kris) had inspected the room, found no bed bugs, and would not authorize a refund.

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