Hilton Garden Inn Elko
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I just wanted to respond to "anonymous" report from 8/7/2011. I'm sorry for how you were treated at the Hilton Garden Inn in Elko, Nevada, it's actually one of our nicest hotels! I'm just a resident and thought I might be able to help.

If you came up with bites just on your lower legs, did you walk around outside the hotel at all? In the grass, or around the hotel itself? We have these weird little bugs that live in this town, and if I spend any time outside on my front lawn this time of

year, I'll have 4-5 bites within minutes. The bites itch like crazy and turn a bright red color, lasting for a week or two like you mentioned.

I'm not saying you didn't have bed bugs, but I just wanted to help. Hope you're all better!

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We stayed one night (June 31st-July 1st, 2011) at this hotel while traveling from California to Utah to visit our daughter. We checked in at approx 1 in the morning, left early the next morning. I woke up the next morning and had 11 bites, most of them on my inner right ankle and calf, some on the back of my right thigh, and a few on the left leg. I knew they were not mosquito or flea bites, as Ive had a number of those in my lifetime. I am a kindergarten teacher and several years ago one of our

students had bed bug bites and the school nurse educated everyone on them. I watched my bites over the next two hours while driving and the itching and the appearance of the bites concerned me a great deal, they looked exactly like bed bug bites and I was worried that we may have picked them up in our room and now had them in our luggage. We went directly from our home (where we do not have bedbugs) in Calfornia to Elko, NV and chose to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, because we are members and have always felt they are very clean whenever we have stayed at these hotels. This room was very clean, but I was bitten in my sleep numerous times. When we arrived at our destination, I showed my bites to the nurse and she confirmed they looked like bed bug bites. It took several days for the marks to go away, the last one finally cleared up two weeks after I was bitten. I never received any other bites from that night forward and it has been a month. I called the hotel to warn them about the bites when we returned home from our trip mid-July. I hoped that they knew and had done something about it. The desk attendant asked me which room we stayed in that night and I gave her the room number. Without hesitation, she promptly said "oh yes, we had other complaints from guests who stayed in that room as well, since then we have thrown out the mattresses and fumigated the room". I asked her what the hotel did for the guests who had been bitten, she said as far as she knew, nothing. I asked if I could speak to the manager on duty, she told me that his name was Martin and that he had just left for the day and she would have him call me back. I waited all day for a call back and never received one. That night, I called again and asked for a manager. I was transferred to a manager named Sarah, I explained what had happened to me in the room and that I was very glad that they had taken care of it. She promptly and rudely told me that their hotel does not (and she stressed NOT) have bedbugs and never has, and that they replaced all of their mattresses this year and have regular pest control come in. I was calm and polite, and very disappointed that she was acting as though I was making the story up. I told her that I was calling to be helpful and make sure that they were aware that there are bed bugs in the room I stayed in, and told her that it was quite a miserable experience for days afterward and that I hoped they would give me some kind of compensation for what had happened, but most importantly I was glad to hear that they had tossed the bed and fumigated. She said the front desk woman who told me that information was incorrect and that there have been no bedbugs and no complaints. She got incredibly defensive and was attempting to make it sound like I was wrong about my own experience. I told her that I can appreciate her wanting to defend the hotel, especially against something of this nature, but that if she did not acknowledge the problem and is going to ignore my complaint and refuse to believe I was bitten, I will review their hotel on line so that other people are warned about the bed bugs. She raised her voice and told me that she did NOT have bedbugs in her hotel. I asked when the mattresses were replaced, she said in January. I told her that any guest could have traveled through and brought bedbugs into that room any day in those last 6 months, and if they do not treat the problem it will not go away. She said pest control comes on a schedule and I asked her when the last time was they came. She would not answer me. I told her that I stayed in that room June 31st, and on June 30th someone could have brought bedbugs into that room and since the pest control had not come in the day before I slept in their bed, the bug (or bugs) bit me. I was simply trying to show her that she could not say there were no bedbugs in that room and my experience was very real and was confirmed by a professional. She said she was going to find out who told me that there were other guest complaints and do something about it. I said I was glad that the desk attendant told me that, it was a relief for me to hear that they had acted on complaints and done something about it, and since she now was telling me that there were no bugs and that the front desk woman lied to me about throwing the bed out and fumigating, I was worried that her being in denial would cause major problems for other guests who will eventually bring them home from their hotel and have a nightmare of an experience trying to rid their home of these bugs. She told me she was going to investigate and would call me back. I waited for 3 more hours that night, no call back. The next day I waited until mid-afternoon and finally called the hotel again. I was put in touch with the manager on duty again, I told her that I had been waiting for Martin to call me and handle this situation with honor and truth. She told me since Martin had been alerted to my call, that he would call me back. She proceeded to tell me that the front desk employee had no business telling me that there had been other complaints of bedbugs in that room and that their hotel does not have bedbugs. I told her the wise way to react would be for them to thank me for the information and to get the pest control in their immediately and clean the place out before more people become victims. She got defensive and told me that Martin was away for several days and would have to call me. I told her with every day they wait, other people will be staying at their hotel and this is unconscionable. I told her that since she was taking on such an attitude and being rude, Id just rather take my information and post it online to warn other guests. She asked me to hold, and she put me on hold for 25 minutes. I was transferred to Martin. When he answered, I told him I was relieved to speak to him and I shared my experience of the bedbugs, and told him my main concern is that they handle this professionally and protect others. I told him how rude the other manager was to me when I tried to tell her what happened, he said that Sarah is a very good manager and that he has been with Hilton for 9 years. He said that it is a very serious and sensitive accusation to call and tell them that there are bedbugs in their hotel, because of the extensive lengths they have to go through to clean it out. I suggested he start immediately and he said that they must throw out all of the furniture 6 rooms across and 6 rooms down from where the bugs are. I suggested he get his pest control people in asap and inspect, and that if they come up with a negative report and cant see any bugs, that they have it inspected several more times because there are bugs there and they are very difficult to find if you do not set traps and inspect at 4 in the morning. Martin focused on wanting to find out why the front desk woman told me what she told me, instead of telling me that he was going to take this seriously and do the right thing. He told me that he was going to speak to her and that he was very sorry she had told me that others had complained and that they threw the mattress out. I told him that I was glad she told me those things, because she was the only person I spoke to that seemed to know what was going on. I told him I did not care what she told me or why, all I cared about was that they take me seriously and do something about the bug problem before it spreads. He told me that I did not get bites at his hotel because he knows they do not have bedbugs. I explained that I went straight from my home to Utah, stayed only at his hotel between the two places and woke up with bites from his bed. I told him that it was unfair for him to act as though I was imagining it or making it up. I am a teacher, a mother and a wife and I own and run my own private school. I have plenty of other things to do besides make up stories about getting bit by bedbugs and wasting my time on things such as this. I told him that I always choose Hiltons (and prefer garden inns) because of the quality of service and cleanliness, and that when we went to Elko that night I looked up a Hilton because I trusted the chain. I have never had to write a review of this sort and feel insulted that he would act as though I did not get bites when I did. Martin told me he was going to investigate and would get back to me. This has been two weeks, since this time I have traveled to Atlanta, Portland and back to Utah, and just arrived home in California yesterday. I still have not heard back from Martin or anyone else from the Hilton Garden Inn in Elko, Nevada. I will never stay there again and since they are not taking this seriously, I will tell as many people as I can to steer clear of this hotel or they may end up with bed bugs.

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