Stagecoach Hotel & Casino
900 E Hwy 95 N
Beatty, NV

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Stay was one night in room 213. Woke up at 4:00am with bites. Found bedbug in bed. There was a plastic covering the mattress and we could not check the mattress. Went to the lobby to report and they said they had not had not had bugs in a long time. We wanted to see a manager and there was none there and to wait until 9:00. Of course we were not going to stay there any longer. I called 4 hours later and both managers were out. The bites have been ichy,bright red,swollen,very uncomfortable

. Sure hope we didn't bring them home.

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I recently stayed in room 106 for three nights. I was working outdoors so it took me some time to realize that the bites I was suffering were coming from bedbugs. I was covered in mysterious bites and they still itch like crazy! On the third night, at 3:00a.m. I stripped the blankets off my bed and saw a half dozen bedbugs running around on the mattress! I went out to my vehicle and sprayed myself liberally with DEET and packed up my belongings. I notified the front desk early in the morning. Th

e desk attendant had no idea that there was any problem up to that point. I checked out early and will not be staying there again.

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We stayed here on February 17, 2011. Checked into room 208 and checked for bedbugs. We found signs of them by the headboard and on the mattress. We notified the front desk and they moved us immediately. They were in the room before we even got all of our stuff out taking care of the problem. We stayed for 3 days and they never rented the room out during that time. I felt like they handled it really well and will stay here again but will continue to check like I do everywhere.

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