Econo Lodge Downtown
2211 Douglas St
Omaha, NE 68102-1212

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10/19/2011. We woke up the next morning (10/20/20) to multiple bugs crawling around in both beds. There were blood spots on the sheets. We took several "specimens" to the front desk, and they refunded our room. Now have approximately 20 bites on my arms and shoulders.

in the middle of the night on spet 5, my husband came home from his job and turned the light on and i had 2 kids sleeping one in each bed, when he turned the light off, there was bed bugs crawling off my children. when we went and told the front desk they didnt act like they where surprised. my husband took a picture of it and we left as soon as we could to find another hotel. then at 6 in the morning when there was a laundary mat open my mother in law and i had to go and spent half the day w

ashing everyones clothes.

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Room 106 pre-paid to stay for one week. The first night saw some type of bug and just thought it was something harmless, killed it and went on. Second night had bites all over my legs and arm and my skin felt like it was crawling it itched so bad, including my scalp. Third morning awoke to what looked like a tick crawling in bed, when I killed it blood went all over the sheet (which explained the blood spots on our sheets from previous nights.) Upon advising management I was told that it was in

fact a "bed bug" and they have had this problem for over 6 months now and they are sure of at least two rooms being affected. We have been moved to another room but I am still itching and extremely paranoid! Don't have the money to go to another hotel and was advised "there are no refunds!" I just feel awful because I have my four year old with me and she has bites on her face.

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