Adams Mark Hotel
112 N 4th St
St Louis, MO

Found 2 reports:

It was not this hotel. Your website took it to the Adams Mark in St. Louis. Our incident happened in Adams Mark Kansas City, MO!!!!

We stayed on the 5th floor at this hotel on Wednesday June 26th, 2015. After returning home I started waking up with bites on the back of my arms and the back of my neck. After doing some research and finding a bed bug on a shower curtain I realized what we had...bed bugs; $800,a ton of tears and many sleepless nights we have finally gotten rid of them. I am still reorganizing & putting things away, this has been a cumbersome process. I would never wish this on anybody.
I called the hotel but

they claimed that they hadn't had a report, complaint or infestations since November 2014 and refused to give back any money. They also claim they do routine inspections.
We are confident that we got the bedbugs from this hotel because prior we had stayed with my father in his home for a week and he still to this day has no evidence of bed bugs. It is sad that Alex Morgan had to be the one to expose them but thank the Lord she said something! And she stayed on the 8th that just tells you they are wide spread at the facility.

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