Sleep Inn & Suites Grand Rapids
4284 29th St Se
Grand Rapids, MI

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During my most recent stay from October 8-15, 2013, at the Sleep Inn and Suites, 4284 29th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49546, while traveling with my 2 year-old twin granddaughters, I had the very unfortunate experience to stay in Room 234, which had bed bugs. I was bitten multiple times, a total of 65 bites, and displayed a significant allergic reaction to the bites, which needed medical attention and prescription medication. At my request, the current hotel manager, David Fritz, did move us to

a different room, room 135, and had the room in which I had stayed (room 234) inspected by Orkin. The Orkin inspector found several live bed bugs and evidence of other bed bugs in this room. My clothes were also laundered by the hotel, but unfortunately, the bed bugs had already taken up residence in my things and I continued to get bitten in room 135. I again requested to move rooms and was moved to another room on the first floor. All of our clothes were then laundered and my luggage was left in room 135. At my expense, I purchased zip-lock bags and garbage bags to contain ALL of our things, including the suitcases, in an attempt to keep the bed bugs from being moved and spread again. I also purchased new clothes, shoes, diapers, etc., to minimize this risk. Orkin did inspect room 135, but found no evidence of bed bugs at that time. In the last room, I was not bitten again. I also hired a canine unit through Rose Pest Solutions and had all of my possessions inspected, in an attempt to avoid transporting the bed bugs or eggs back to my home in Tucson. Upon arrival in Tucson, I proceeded to have our possessions treated at my expense, to ensure there were no bed bugs.

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