Homewood Suites-Grand Rapids
3920 Stahl Dr Se
Grand Rapids, MI 99999

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I stayed 2 nights (3/14 & 3/15 2012) in room 315. I got upgraded to 2 bd. I stayed in the room to the right of entrance. After first night I had 2 bites around my right shoulder. They looked like cluster bites so the 2 bites could be 10 if you looked closely. I didn't think anything of it because there were no bedbug reports for this hotel. The second day when I turned the light on upon waking up, there was a bug on its back alive next to the lamp. At the time I didn't think it was a bedb

ug even though I checked it closely. It was very big - much bigger than I thought they could get. I always thought they were the size of a flea, but this was bigger. Later, I found from several pictures online that this one was a fully matured bedbug. On the second night I got 7 bites on my left arm starting with my thumb all the way to my upper arm - almost in a straight line.

The bites from the 2nd day didn't show up until well after 10am, by which time I already checked out of the hotel. When I realized what had bitten me, all I could think about (besides the nagging scratches) was "did they hitch a ride with me in my luggage?"

I still had several travels to do, first being Columbus, OH. As soon as I landed, I bought a new luggage. Luckily, the hotel I was staying at had coin laundry so I washed all of my clothes in hot water as well as dry on high heat.

It's been a week and I haven't had any further bites. I stayed at Hilton Garden in NYC after Columbus and now at Hampton Inn in Virgina and so far so good. The bites are healing.

I did call the hotel before posting this review. The manager was very professional and said he would do a full investigation.

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