Hilton Garden Inn Baltimore in
625 S President St
Baltimore, MD 21202-4472

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11/19/2011 thru 11/22/2011. Room 603. I stayed for only a few days. When I got up at 5am to leave on the last day, I discovered a bed bug crawling across the other bed in my room (crawling towards my bed). I wasn't sure it was a bed bug at the time, but I killed it and showed it to the attendant as I checked out. He denied it was a bed bug, but he was clearly disturbed and in a wavering voice he asked me which room was it. After I reached the airport I looked online, and the first image of

a bed bug I found exactly matched what I found in my room. Seven days later at home my bed bug bites started appearing. I've been told that bites can appear a week to nine days after the bites actually occurred, so I am really really hoping that I did not transfer any home with me.

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My family stayed in Room 425 on July 30, 2011 and we all came away with bed bug bites! I had heard about this problem in the news on and off but this was our first encounter with them and it took us some time to realize that these were not "regular" summer mosquito bites, that they were much more intense and patterned on our bodies, and that we had all been affected (we also took photos). We then found this registry (which we didn't even know about) and saw others had had this problem too. A cal

l to the hotel resulted in them saying they would investigate and get back to us but they never have! Needless to say, we will not be staying here again and I will now be sure to check this registry first.

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Stayed here 10/14-16, 2010. First night in room 304, pulled back covers and saw bedbug residue and a bug along the seam of the mattress. I put back the comforter and added the comforter from the other bed and slept on top of it all. Next day had a room change and no bugs, but did have 2 bites on my arm. Left my luggage in my car trunk for 3 days after my return. I think the temperature extrememes killed any of the critters that may have folloed me home.

I stayed in this hotel in August of 2009 and not only awoke with inexplicable bites (later confirmed to be bedbug bites), but ended up bringing at least one bedbug HOME with me. A year later, just as I thought I had successfully eradicated the bug that accompanied me home as well as her eggs, I recently awoke with the telltale "breakfast, lunch and dinner" bites (three bites in close proximity). I've now ordered yet another pile of traps and treatments, and am FURIOUS.
I reported this to the h

otel one week after my stay and spent MONTHS pursuing the issue all the way up to the top of the Hilton chain, but I'm not only still out a significant sum, but I apparently STILL haven't eradicated that bedbug's offspring. (I suspect that a recent cleaning service may have punctured one of the bedbug-proof bed encasements while they were cleaning my home, and that an egg must have hatched in there and the bug has now escaped- bedbugs can go up to EIGHTEEN months without feeding.)
This hotel has known for a year that they have bedbugs, yet they're still subjecting travelers to them. Inexcusable!

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March 13, 2010 Room 921 at the Hilton Garden Inn. My husband and I woke up after one night's stay with raised bumps on our chest, abdomen, and backs. He had 21 and I had 61. These were later confirmed to be BedBug bites. I have attempted to reach to Hotel manager with no success or return phone calls to this date.

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