Brookshire Inner Harbor Suite
120 E Lombard St
Baltimore, MD 21202-5541

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We stayed here on New Year's Day 2012 for two nights and unknowingly carried bed bugs back to our house. We discovered the infestation a few months later after we realized they were biting us and our children and found carcasses in the suitcase that we took to Brookshire.

Febuary 21-22, 2011. We decided to spend those 2 days in Baltimore for my younger child's 1st birthday and since my older daughter's school was closed for President's Day (2 days) we could do it without her being absent. Baltimore has so much to offer, we really had a good time. The night was a different story. Our room (number 402) was a two room suite. Queen bed in the bedroom and pull-out couch in the living room. My husband took the girls to bed (queen) and I stayed up reading in the living

room, so once all asleep I would move the baby to her pram stroller. The pram is quite big, perfectly flat and my baby is very petite so I thought then we would just have my 4 yr old sleep between us. Once all got quiet I was sure everyone is asleep (including Dad) I went in to follow through with my plan. I pretty much walked in on the bedbugs just coming out getting ready to feast. HORRIBLE! I quickly woke up my husband, he grabbed the 4 yr old and I got the baby and stripped their pajamas checking for any bugs on them, than us. I'm a clean freak; just the thought of bugs makes me jump, but somehow, maybe my husband presence kept me calm and not freak out. I called downstairs, we were offered the room next door, but I just took all the towels, covered the couch in the living room where my husband was guarding the 4yr old sleeping and the baby in the pram and I stayed up all night checking our belongings. Thank God we didn't unload in the bedroom after checking in. I'm soooo glad we didn't get bitten. I would never forgive myself as a parent... my God, small child and a baby, I don't even want to think of it. Bug bites, 1st Birthday... EEEEEWWW!

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