Red Roof Inn South Deerfield

South Deerfield, MA

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We stayed two nights (December 25-27, 2014) and left with over forty bites among the two of us. It didn't even dawn on us that they could be from bed bugs until after check-out, unfortunately. We called the hotel and spoke with them a number of times over the course of the next week. Our claims were denied each time and excuses were given -- perhaps we were allergic to the detergent used on the sheets; perhaps the chlorine in the pool had irritated our skin; perhaps our dog has fleas. They t

old us they checked the room thoroughly after out first call and found nothing, so it could not be bed bugs.

Unfortunately, we now know that is was indeed bed bugs because we have learned that we brought them to a family member's house, and she is now dealing with an infestation in her home (they most certainly were not there before we stayed with her immediately after our stay at the Red Roof Inn, and we certainly did not have them before staying at the hotel). I'm feeling really awful about that accidental Christmas gift, let me tell you!

The hotel told us they had never had bed bugs, and had no signs of them. In hindsight, I feel quite sure that they had so many other explanations for our bites because they have been faced with similar phone calls/complaints in the past. I really would have preferred some help and honesty. And a clean hotel room.

I will never stay anywhere again without searching the room first.

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We stayed at this hotel and were bitten up badly enough that my son had to go a local emergency room to get a diagnosis and treatment. The hotel manager nastily denied there were bed bugs, despite the evidence on all of us. She refused to even check out the room, or to refund any of our money.

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