140 Clarendon St
Boston, MA 02116-5119

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Stayed at this hotel on 1/31/12 and 2/1/12, Rm. 602. Noticed the bites on morning of 2/1> Raised red bites in an area about 2 inches in diam.--very hot to the touch. I didn't think much about it until i got home and someone mentioned the possibility of bedbugs. It didn't take long on google images to figure out that was what had happened to me. A call to the hotel was quite dismissive. How did I know that's what it was?? had a doctor seen it?? well now I can say this has been diagnosed by my doc

tor. The horror is now i am home and I think i have another bite!! this is a nightmare. I would avoid this hotel at all costs. i hate to say it because the rooms are lovely, great location and great price. But this is frightening. And their response was unacceptable.

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Severely bitten by bedbugs in Rm 610 1/4/11. Management was considerate and responsive. May have been first incident, but an infestation is an infestation.

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