The Westin Copley Place, Boston
10 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA

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05/30-31 of 2015

Stayed one night only and realized I had bites along my arm when I got on my flight at 5:30 am. Called the hotel as soon as I landed in my destination city, they took down my information. I laundered all of my clothing immediately and steamed all of my luggage. Really hoping it doesn't spread to my apartment. Hotel management (spoke to Brendan, the Front Desk Manager) will be calling me back following an inspection of room 2505 which is where I stayed. Dealt with bed bug

s 3 years ago and managed to get rid of them after a long expensive battle--really, truly hope they didn't come along with me after staying at this hotel.

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Stayed in room 2607, April 6 -4/11/14. On my third night in room,woke up with severe itching on my leg. My leg was covered with red welts/bites. Took shower, put antibiotic cream on affected area and slept in chair. Next morning made several calls to front desk and housekeeping to make a report of bedbugs. I Finaly got through to security. I took pictures of my leg and e-mailed to the Security Manager Sarim. I told him I wanted to change rooms and I was afraid of bringing the bedbugs home w

ith me on clothes and suitcase. They gave me a new room for my last nights stay and told me to leave all clothes and suitcase in old room and they would have all cleaned and sent to me in Florida. I had to push hard to get this done. I am still waiting on all my clothes and suitcase due to my home within 3 or 4 days from Westin Copley in Boston MA. Manager told me Orkin came to check my room while I was out and nothing found. I told the front desk manager the bites came from somewhere in that bed in the middle of the night and showed them my leg. Sarim was very good but I was given no complementary anything for all my troubles. I just hope all my belongings show up at my home in good clean condition with no bugs. Overall Sarim and the Westin did a fair job of taking care of this issue. They need to clean room 2607 and change the mattress and furniture.

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My report echoes the report of 4/7/2012 in terms of Westin management's excellent responsiveness. I stayed at the Westin from May 31, 2013 to June 2, 2013. Good news and bad news: I religiously check the mattresses wherever I stay, and did so as soon we came into the room; however, in the middle of the night, bedbugs attacked my daughter. The good news is that Westin Management got RIGHT on top of the situation. Murphy's law is that we were moving my daughter into a sublet and we had several su

itcases worth of her clothes. They sent Orkin in right away the next day who confirmed that the bedbugs were hiding behind the headboard. I cannot say enough good things about management at this hotel. They drycleaned EVERYTHING(brought it back to us on a coat rack) they steam treated our luggage and the housekeeping staff hovered over us. They treated us to a lovely breakfast and reimbursed us for the entire stay. When we were suspicious of new bites on my daughter in her Boston summer sublet, they sent out Orkin to inspect her sublet and it was negative.
Highly impressed with Westin Management. I will say, though, that in this day and age, i think it is imperative that hotels cover their mattresses as a precaution, and Westin should incorporate this as part of their bed bug prevention. Although the experience of bedbug bites is awful, I must say that Westin Management gets an Aplus for handling the situation both professionally and efficiency.

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I had bed bug bites here in March 2012. I lived through bed bugs in NYC 7 years ago, and at that time I found out that I am severely allergic to their bites. I received 7 bites over two nights (March 13 and 14) including two on my forehead which turned into huge welts due to my allergies.

Management has been extremely good about the incident, and they kept my luggage to have it cleaned and returned, and have been receptive, communicative, and really great about the situation. They did all th

e correct things.

In this day and age, it's very hard to control the spread of bed bugs, and I have been impressed with their handling of this incident.

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