Clink - the Liberty Hotel
215 Charles St
Boston, MA 02114-3001

Found 4 reports:

This is a nice hotel but when I woke up finding a live bed bug underneath me lying in my bed, the manager was called, showed up after a long time and then claimed it looks like a bed bug but was not a bed bug! I took my family and never went back. I took a picture and compared it to bed bug pictures but they still said it could not be.

Look it has a big problem with bugs. And after traveling 5000 miles to Boston I was not happy with this shithole.

I don't care what this fucken manager says. They have a seriou infestation of bugs and rodents. The beds have blood stains and droppings and the restaurant has mouse traps with dead mice in it. If you know what is good avoid this place at all costs.

Hotel disputes this claim. We do not have an issue with this type of activity and this was a malicious posting. The hotel does not have a room 234. Site owner of this registry has been unresponsive to our concern of wrong doing by claims from this "anonymous" guest.

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