Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers
64 Arlington St
Boston, MA

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My sister and I stayed at the Boston Park Plaza on October 3, 2015 and she had over a dozen bed bug bites around her ankle. The hotel rooms are old, run down and very junky. Paint coming off the walls, doors get stuck and you have to slam them shut. I will NEVER stay here again, EVER!

Currently spending my third day at this hotel. The first night I didn't sleep under the sheets. Last night i did and i had 6 bites on my feet and many on my hands. We told them something happened, they came saw the bites and put us in a new room within minutes. our 'better room' has terrible air conditioning, paint chipping off walls, and cracks in the sink and floor.

Previously reported that I had bites that were suspected to be bed bugs from a stay in room 1591 in late April...I am ecstatic to report I have no further bites after returning home and washing all clothes. While I recommend checking all hotel rooms for bed bugs, I believe this room to be bed bug free, and that my bites were of mosquito origin possibly from being in the Boston Commons. Enjoy.

Stayed in room 1591 from April 26 through morning of April 29th, 2015. Found 6 itchy bites on the right forearm after I checked out while sitting in a meeting. I never checked room for bed bugs. Very afraid I brought them home.

Jan 2013 stayed there after the holidays. The front desk clerk said she up graded us- I was 6 months pregnant. Came home with bed bugs. Thanks for the up grade.

I stayed here October 19-21, 2013.
When I got home, I developed a weird rash. It was SUPER itchy. I thought I had become allergic to something, which has never happened before (never had hives or anything). Then I looked up my symptoms on a dermatology web site. I landed on bed bug bites. I looked at the spots, many of them were indeed in a row (breakfast-lunch-dinner). It completely freaked me out. The bites were on my back, breast, shoulders, some on my legs. I have about 25 bites that have i

tched like crazy for over a week.

Thankfully, I had not put my luggage on the bed in the hotel.
I don't think I brought the bugs home, because I developed no new bites. I emailed the hotel to let them know, to 2 different email addresses. I simply stated what happened, that was all, so they would be aware of it. They have not had the courtesy to respond.

I was in room 910. I went on this site and noticed other reports of bedbugs from the 9th floor. Because of worries about transporting the bugs home, I have had numerous sleepless nights. This has been an awful experience. In the future, I will check every hotel room for signs of infestation. Unfortunately, I did not do that this time, or I might have been able to avoid staying in that room.

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We stayed in room 1242 from July 24 to 27th. I did not see the bites until after I left the next day on the 27th so I did not inspect the bed. I have learned my lesson and will from now on.

July 23-July 24, 2013 I stayed at the Boston Plaza Hotel. Because I know hotels are a major source of bed bugs, I did not sleep under the covers the first night I was there. The second night I was there I slept under the sheets and covers. I was bitten on my thigh, I realized that it was not a mosquito bite. I was so annoyed that I finally looked under the sheets and that's when I actually found a bed bug. I brought this to the hotels attention and they said that the room was inspected and foun

d to be free of bed bugs. As a consumer I did what I was supposed to do and this establishment failed me.

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Stayed there this past weekend (5/24-5/27) and experienced no bed bugs. The room was small but that was it. I did a pretty intense inspection and found nothing: )

Stayed two nights in a double suite rooms 1035-1036-1037 had bites within the first two hours also found blood on comforter didn't know what it was til after day two found more bites and fiancé was covered and rashy. Spoke to management they said leave all your stuff we will sry clean and mail back... Did nothing else to help. Would never recommend this place to anyone...stayed on apr 23-25th 2013. Management thought it was a joke clearly no respect for their guests or their well being.

We found a bed bug during our inspection before unpacking.

Wonderful hotel and service. Did not have bites, but the morning of our last day in town after the Boston Marathon, found a half-dead bedbug in the shower. I am trying to be extra-cautious as I unpack and put things away. We were in room 919.

Stayed January 3rd and the place was spotless. I spoke to a few guests and all agreed there are NO bedbugs in this hotel.

Stayed one night (10/23/11) in room 993. Covered head to toe in bites. Over 70.

We stay from the 22 thru the 25 of july 2011. Everything was clean and spotless. Had a great time. No bedbugs

Stayed here for two nights, June 20-21 2011. had a few bites on the second night. Now back home and sudddenly covered in bites. I am fairly certain I picked up the bugs at
this hotel.

Stayed here for the National Consumer Law Conference in November 2010. Experienced no bed bugs.

i have stayed at this hotel on several different dates and haven't had any problems. One of the best hotels in the city!!!

I stayed there with my husband and daughter on New Years Eve and found the room to be spotless!! Not one bite!

I am alarmed at the postings because I will be staying here in
a month. I contacted the hotel staff concerning the problem and they denied any such problem. Why lie?

I stayed at the Boston Park Plaza on June 7 and 8th for a business meeting. I noticed a number of bites on my hands and arms the morning of the 8th and they continued to swell throughout the day. More ocurred the second night. After I called the hotel and reported it they compensated me for one night and sent me a coupon for another night's stay. Their letter stressed how seriously they take this problem. I had been starting to give them the benefit of the doubt (after all, they can't contr

ol what their guests bring in) until i saw the posting here from October, 2009. My room was 590, next door to the room where bed bugs were reported 8 months earlier!

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Sunday, Oct 18, 2009 - Room 588

Woke up with bites all over my body: back, sides, right shoulder, right and left arms, right wrist. Called front desk and they sent security up to take pics of me. No charge for my one night stay, but that is hardly enough compensation for all the itching and discomfort. Not very apologetic.

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