Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Twrs
64 Arlington St
Boston, MA 02116-3901

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Stayed November 22-24. Bites on both legs. Stay away from this unclean hotel.

Stayed 5/24/13-5/27/13 and saw no bed bugs. I did a pretty intense search of the room and bed and there was nothing : )

I stayed here the weekend of 9/1/12. Since I was there for a wedding, I hung my clothes in the closet and had my daughters clothes on the ground in the suitcase. Noticed bites on my ankles toward the end of the trip, but wasn't sure what they were. Once home, I noticed similar bites on my daughter getting progressively worse each week. I inspected her bed to find we had bed bugs. I am convinced this hotel is where they came from via her clothes in the suitcase. I had washed everything from the t

rip but a few new sweaters I bought which were hung in the closet unknowingly. Inspect your room before you stay here. I wish I did because living with bed bugs is awful.

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I stayed in this hotel Wednesday September 26 - Saturday September 29, 2012. Bed bug bites began to appear on my arms and legs the following week. I received at least 50 bites, which are extremely uncomfortable and have not yet resolved almost 3 weeks later.

Frugal - you are wrong. Experts advise placing suitcases away from the hotel walls & carpet edges as well as the beds. I have that first hand by an expert in infestation with a PhD in entomology. Don't blame the victim. Also, when you get in the room, look between the top & bottom mattresses.

The idea that you got bed bugs at your own house from putting your suitcase on the floor in a hotel is ludicrous and not even scientifically sound. If there were bedbugs in that room, they would have gotten you while you were sleeping, not days later. Come on! There's no shame in accidentally getting bed bugs in your house, brother; it's called an epidemic for a reason.

I stayed here May 11th and left my suitcase on the floor. About two weeks after I returned home, I noticed bites on my skin and tell-tale signs of bedbugs on my sheets.

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