Boston Marriott Copley Place
110 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA

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We stayed for four days over MLK weekened in 2012. My husband got all these bites. We were naive and thought they were mosquito bites but boy were we wrong. They hitched a ride on his suitcase and soonafter he started getting bites at our home. There were no visible signs of the bugs in our apartment but a bed bug sniffing dog found them on my husband's suitcase (the one that went to Boston) and in our bed. We spend thousands of dollars erradicating the bugs even though we caught them fairly


I contacted Marriott and they refused to accept my story arguing that we must have gotten them from somewhere else. They told me that there were no other complaints about that room and that a visual inspection came back negative. I urged them to hire a dog which is about 90% relable as compared to a visual inspection which only catches about 50% of the cases but they refused.

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I stayed here on June 5, 2013-June 8, 2013. I cannot remember the first room I had (I was transferred to 3 different rooms in my tenure). I woke up first thing Thursday, June 6, 2013 and had bites on my hand and arms. I knew what this was because I had gotten bed bugs once before. I went straight down to the front desk and asked to speak to a manager. I was given access to a manager who told me they would call an outside company to come check the room and that a loss prevention specialist would

come find me to discuss the incident. The security guard came by and asked me questions and then wrote answers in his notebook, then took pictures of the bites. He then walked away - and I didn't see him again. After a few hours I got annoyed and went down to the front desk to speak to the manager again. He told me if I felt more comfortable they could remove my stuff and put it in another room and then they'd check the room for bugs - which I agreed to. They didn't let me know that it wouldn't happen until 3 AM that next morning!! I had to go down again to inquire about the status, and they told me not til that night. The next morning I had MORE BITES....after staying in a different bedroom, and I went down to the front desk again to speak to a Manager. They said the "results weren't in yet from the test." I waited another 2 hours - finally I went down to ask again. Apparently they finally had the results back and the room was positive. The security guard said "someone will get back to you in 2-3 days." At this point I lost it, and demanded some assistance!! I needed all my clothes cleaned, my suitcase treated for bed bugs, and another NEW ROOM. I was finally treated with some decency by a different manager. They ultimately gave me Marriott Points for my frustrations.

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I checked in on 23DEC2012
I stayed in room 2441
I checked out on 24DEC2012
Two days later at home, my family had bites.
Bed Bugs hitched a ride with me, home.
Had to use an exterminator and throw away mattress

Marriott was called.
They said they had an inspector investigate the room. No evidence was found.
This, of course, was a lie.

My fiance suprised me with a Valentines Day trip to Boston last night 2/14/2012 we stayed at the copley place marriott in room we noticed we were itchy while watching tv and trying to go to sleep we ignored it figuring maybe it was just our immagination. I woke up this morning and got in the shower to realize I have bites covering my legs and scattered on my upper body. I woke my fiance up to tell him, and he also has bites scattered on him. Even more scary is we walked out the door and the gro

up @occupy_marriott was outside with a large banner that read "BEDBUGS IN MARRIOTT COPLEY PLACE" . A man also gave me a flyer all about the real Marriott. Go to for more I would never go back I'm disgusted.

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I got more than 100 bed bug bites in Room 930. Is that room where you stayed? Thanks!

I saw the bed bugs run in front me. And I was transfered to another room.

I was bitten on Thursday night, February 17. I killed the bug on my matress and blood wwent in a dim-sized circle. Marriott management took great pains to relocate me and assure me that it would take 30 days to sanitize the room I was in and the adjoining room.

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