W New Orleans
333 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA

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Stayed August 24-27, 2015 and ended up with 13 bed bug bites. Was very disappointed in how the hotel handled the situation.

Bedbugs. Stayed there for work from December 4-6. Checked the room the first night, failed to check the second night and have five bites on my arms. A colleague was attacked as well. The hotel is a complete dump- avoid it.

Staying 22-28 June 2013. Room 525. Since arriving, hubby had 2 bites a day. I woke up this morning with 4. Reported to front desk. Hope they can do something about it today. I fear if they exterminate our room, where the survivors may run.

I stayed at the hotel October 19-21. I have have 6 bites from this stay. The manager of course denied the case with the so call inspection of the room by Orkin. I will pressing this issue.

Saw 2 bed bugs in room. We have bed bugs bites all over our bodies. Tossed our luggage. Hotel did not take responsibility.

Stayed July 4th weekend and found one bed bug who had stung me 4 times. Hotel denied any responsibility but I had no bed bug issue at home, nor had i been traveling outside of that trip.

We stayed at the Hotel for 7 nights in March 2011 and had a wonderful experience. Great hotel!

I stayed at this hotel March 2-4, 2011 and after I returned home I noticed several bed bug bites on my hips. legs and thighs. Nice hotel and you would think the W would address the problem. My suggestion is find another hotel.

We stayed at the W on December 17-19, 2010 in room 1012. Mid morning on Saturday I began itching on my chest and left shoulder. Had numerous bites which began as red spots and quickly turned into nasty whelts. This entire bed bug fiasco was just talk on the news until it actually happened to me!
Please be very careful and take the time to check your room before getting comfortable!

Upon arriving home from this hote (10/2008) I had several bites on my ankles and feet.

I stayed on the 23rd floor (maybe 2308) September 17-20. Upon return kept my empty luggage in our bedroom. No other travel or source of infestation. No problems in our building. Bedbug infestation confirmed Oct. 18th.

"Received 4 mature adult bugs (2 males & 2 females) and 2 young nymphs. One adult female, one adult male, and both nymphs still alive.
Mature bugs identified as Cimex lectularius Linnaeus, commonly referred to as the "common bed bug". Incidents involving bed

bugs are on the rise
throughout the U.S.,including Hawaii. Lots of information via google.
Dick M. Tsuda, Insect ID Specialist, Insect Diagnostic Clinic, University of Hawaii

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