Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
500 Canal St
New Orleans, LA
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Stayed at Sheraton New Orleans from 9/3/2014 - 9/6/2014, room 3324, I started to see bites after the second nights, over a dozen on my left arm, most appeared in clusters. Reported to the hotel with bed bug suspicion. Hotel moved us to a different room after taking photos of my bites and a small blood stain showing on my bed sheet. The hotel also took our luggage along with all the clothes and applied heat treatment and returned to us few hours later to the new room. I was informed that they wi

ll have Orkin to perform full inspection and contact me for result.

On 9/10/2014, the hotel general manager contacted me and confirmed the inspection results, and they found 3 bed bugs in the first room we stayed (room 3324), but no sign of infestation. I was informed adjacent rooms and the room above and below were inspected as well.

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My Husband and I stayed at this beautiful, clean, hotel from 5/6 through 5/10/2013. We'd read the reports but, since most were older, decided to stay there anyway as part of a Southwest promotion. We are so happy we did! The room, although not the largest, was newly refurbished and beautiful. The beds were ever so comfy and clean. The bathroom was also beautiful and everything worked perfectly. We are happy to report that we never saw as much as a fly in the hotel let alone anything worse. T

he elevators use a new system and work extremely efficently. Even with a full hotel we never had more than a 20 second wait! The staff was efficient and always eager to help. They all made us feel like they really appreciated our chosing Sheraton. We would not hesitate to recommend or stay in this wonderful, extremely conveniently located hotel!!

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I stayed at the Sheraton New Orleans on 12/30 and then traveled home. I haven't stayed at any other hotels in the past year. After coming home, I started finding bed bug bites on my shoulders and arms. A few on the first night, but more on the second. I am treating my home now, but the only place these bugs could have come from is this hotel.

Returned home from a week in NOLA.
I stayed at the Sheraton for three nights and noticed bites by the third night. The beds were divine... Nice sheets and pillows. Just the bites are a problem.

I switched to a new hotel before I left NOLA, and didn't find any evidence of bed bugs at the second hotel. Hope I didn't transfer them to the new hotel. Have called them to alert them to the possibility.

Washing all my belongings and having them treated by an exterminator tomorrow...

We stayed at this hotel and the first night my husband found a bug in the bed. He immediately contacted the manager who had the whole room treated and subsequently treated his belongings and moved him to a new room.

That said, they tried to tell him the bug in question was a flea. I have a small dog and know what a flea looks like and this was no flea. They clearly don't want to admit that there is an issue. I would not stay here again.

Bed bugs were reported on 31st floor room on Friday.

BED BUGS!!!! Do not stay here, there are bed bugs, and the staff is in denial. Refused to compensate my friend, who was eaten for 2 days that he stayed there. He brought them back to his home now, and they are in his bed. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!

I stayed at this hotel in first part of November and it was a very nice, clean hotel with great service. But I awoke on my last day of my visit with some red small marks down both of my arms. I did than notice what I thought to be a tick on my shirt but would soon realize it wasnt just a tick. When I came back to my own house I unpacked my luggage and went straight to bed. Along the next few weeks my finace began complaining of the same red marks down his arm. Being a RN myself I began looking i

nto his more and realizing there were bite marks. We started noticing what we thought were ticks on our walls and clothes but suddenly to our horror realized we had bed bugs !!! We found the same creature that I had noticed on my shirt that day in the hotel throughout our house. We had to take all our clothes to laundry mat to be washed in hot water and throw away our entire mattress and bed set. This was the biggest hassle I have ever dealt with !!!

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