JW Marriott Hotel New Orleans
614 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70130-2308

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Stay there Essence weekend....started noticing bites the second night. By the time I made it home...they were in my suitcase in my clothes....been suffering from an allergic reaction since. A disgrace!!!

I stayed 3 nights, May 8th-May 11th 2013 in room 1521. On May 13th I first noticed odd looking bug bites in lines and patches on my skin. Today even more patches have shown up. I have them on my arms, legs, back and on my hips - basically everywhere my skin touched the bed.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for sharing your concern regarding room 2915. I have reached out to you via trip advisor regarding your concern, as stated in my response to you on trip advisor, additional follow up information is needed in situations where guest believe they where bitten by bed bugs at our hotel. I am happy to report that the room you stated that you stayed in has been inspected by a third party and determined that it is free of bed bug infestation. As I inquired via my trip advisor p

ost, your dates of stay do not correspond to the length of stay of the reservations associated with the room in question. I eagerly await hearing from you to get additional information to insure this matter is addressed in the appropriate manner.


Cole Wallace
Director of Operations
JW Marriott New Orleans.

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Stayed in Marriott Hotel Oct 7 thru 11, 2012. Didn't notice any bites but the day after I left both my legs are covered in bites. At least 40. Stayed there at a conference and had room rates set up at $199/ night. Got bill and they charged $249/ night. Called front desk and asked about the rate. Woman " yay, rate for you is $249". Asked the guy who was running conference if rate was $199 or $249. He said $199. Told him that the hotel was charging $249. He had to contact them and remind them of

the actual rate. Went to front desk and told them the rate was wrong on my bill and they corrected it. DONT STAY AT THIS BED BUG RIDDEN RIP OFF HOTEL! I'm going to Trip Advisor and let people know this is a $hitty hotel and will tell all to check this website for bed bug issues in Narlenz. That place is a nasty, dirty, dangerous place and there's nothing worth seeing there. Even the WW II museum wasn't that good. Don't go there, too many other nice places to see in The United States of America.

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2 night stay room 2304 Nov 13/14 , felt very itchy after first night , next day after 2nd night welts started showing up in little groups of 3 , so far hotel has not got back to me.

Room 2304

Husband stayed for one night in room 1410. Suffered 8 bites on arm, and about 12 on legs. Hotel manager didn't even return the call quickly. Obviously, this hotel has a problem and hasn't dealt with it. For the price of the room, we expected better. Very disappointing.

My girlfriend and I stayed there in May of 2010 and we suffered bed bug bites. I pulled the sheets back and found them in the seams of the mattress.I also found blood stains on the pillows and sheets. The Hotel staff was originally accommodating, and confirmed the presence of bed bugs. After I returned home the hotel then changed their opinion and retracted knowledge of bed bugs. The gentleman representing the hotel over the phone was nothing short of a contrary prick. I would expect this at mot

el 6, but the J.W., seriously.

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We were at the JW New Orleans on Thursday and Friday Sept 16th and 17th, and then went from there to SpringHill Suites in Addison. Not sure which hotel the bed bug came from, but Saturday night at 5:00 AM, my husband woke up with something crawling on his face. We took it to the front desk and they confirmed it was indeed a bedbug, but there was only one. Nothing on the mattress, so it may have come from the JW, and we had not noticed it

I stayed there in room 1025 on the nights of Aug. 6 & 7, 2010. On the second night, I woke up early with an itchy thumb. Very soon afterwards, my right arm started itching too. There were 2 welts on my left thumb, & 3 welts appeared on my forearm. I felt something near my leg, threw back the covers & found a small bug with a dark red abdomen crawling on the sheets. I put it in an empty water bottle & notified hotel staff. They took a photograph of my arm & took the bottle with the bug. I'm not s

ure what (if anything) will happen as a result of this.

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My coworker woke up with 18 itchy red bug bites. A trip to the urgent treatment center determined they were bed bugs. The hotel staff denies it, even suggested she'd brought them in from another hotel. Only problem with that theory is that there was no other hotel and she got more bites each night she woke up in the hotel bed. Hotel does not appear to want to replace the mattress or enlighten other travelers.

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