Hilton New Orleans Riverside
2 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Staying on the 2nd floor of building #3 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. At 11:30pm at night, I was working on my computer on top of my bed (hadn't unmade it yet) and a bed bug came crawling across the bed. The hotel manager sent security up immediately and they moved me to another room down the hall. Not comforting. I also took a picture of the bed bug.

This is in response to the two previous bed bug allegations.

When we received the complaint in December re room 3112, we immediately checked the room with our certified technician and a representative of a national pest management company. No bedbugs were found anywhere. We have monitored the room continuously since that time, with negative results. As for the March allegation, we also found no evidence of bedbugs.

We assure you, management of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside and our en

tire staff takes the issue of bedbugs very seriously since the safety and comfort of our guests are our top priorities.

In order to provide context to this subject, we provide you with the recent statement from the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) which includes an overview of the issue and how it affects the hospitality and retail industries.

"Although the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) estimates there has been an increase in bed bugs in America over the last several years, the increase has had a minimal impact on the vast majority of hotels. Bed bugs are brought into hotels by guests; it is not a hotel sanitation issue. Education, awareness, and vigilance are critical. A trained and knowledgeable housekeeping staff is one of the best lines of defense, along with having regular pest control inspections."

We at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside employ a comprehensive detection program maintaining the highest levels of vigilance. Our housekeeping and maintenance departments collaborate to perform regularly scheduled inspections. We have a state-certified pest control specialist on staff who works hand in hand with Orkin Pest Control locally. In the unlikely and unusual event a guest suspects a problem, the guest is relocated, the area in question is isolated to determine whether a problem exists and, if warranted, immediately remedy the situation.

The Management Team at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside

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We stayed at the Hilton Riverside December 26th for the Saints game. We were put into room 3112. On December 27th, I woke with large bites on the back of my thighs and on my butt. My boyfriend had no signs of bites. At the time, the bites did not itch and weren't overly bothersome so I did not pay much attention to them. I even joked with my boyfriend about it being bed bugs. We returned home on the 27th and by the night of the 27th I had bites on my legs, arms, neck and back. I also must

've had an allergic reaction to the bugs because I also have a very swollen face and lip I haven't contacted the hotel yet, but it will be interesting to find out what they will do or offer for our horrible experience with their hotel. PLEASE be aware and check the beds at the HILTON RIVERSIDE!!!

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March 23-27, 2011. Stayed at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside for the American Counseling Association Convention. Immediately when entering the room on the 23rd did a thorough inspection of the room for signs of bedbugs. Didn't find any signs and thought it was safe. At 7am on the 24th, my fiancée woke up to find a bug crawling on his arm. We had an extra zip lock baggie and we trapped it. Looked it up on the internet with our computer and sure enough, it was a bed bug. Took it down in the bagg

ie live to the front desk. WOW did they jump.

We got moved to another room on a different floor, but like it made any difference. Those things will easily travel 20 feet a night for their meal so they can be anywhere, even in the hall outside the room or come from another room. Because of the conference, we couldn't find another room somewhere else. I posted this encounter on Facebook that morning so that my friends attending would know that they were in jeopardy at the Hilton too. Turns out others had bed bugs in the same hotel.

I wound up with big welts on my face, arms, and legs by the 27th. hard to know if I got those bites from the first night or other nights too. Ironically, my fiancée didn't get welts from the bites. It took 3 months for my welts to go away. They were awful to look at and terribly painful. In addition, we both had a hard time sleeping for months after this encounter.

The Hilton tried to only comp us for 1 night. No chance. I got the whole stay free and should have been compensated more for the pain and time spent making sure my home didn't get contaminated.

We spent 4 hours packing the morning we left examining everything completely for bed bugs to leave as many behind as possible and not bring them home.

When we got home, we stripped down and immediately took a hot shower. Then we put EVERYTHING (even papers,shoes, etc.) in sections in they dryer on high for 30 mins to kill any that we brought home. Found on the internet that this was the thing to do to kill them. We put the laptops in the oven on 130 for 30 mins. They survived, but the bugs didn't.

It's been 6 months and we have never had a bed bug in our house. It took 24 hours to get everything sanitized, but it was worth it.

Want to know why they have a full time pest control expert at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside? BECAUSE THEY HAVE A HUGE BEDBUG ISSUE!!!!!

My other friends who stayed at other hotels and paid a lot less didn't have any bed bug problems.

You were warned! Don't believe what they say at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

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I stayed at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside on November 19-22, 2010. I woke up on the last morning and found a tiny reddish bug on the mattress cover. When I squished it, it left a bloody mark. I had never seen a bedbug before so I looked it up on the Internet after I got home and, indeed, it was a bedbug! I had no welts (bites) on my body but the blood had to come from someone. Disgusting. I did not report to the management because I was already home before I figured out what the bug was.

This is a response to the alleged allegations of bedbugs from the anonymous post.

The Hilton New Orleans Riverside has a full-time pest-control technician on staff, as well as a contract with a national pest-control company. We recently inspected room 3009. We did not find anything that would support the anonymous allegations made in this room. The room was renovated about 18 months ago. The wallpaper has no open seams, and no evidence of blood smears. Also the pictures, lamp shade, and he

adboard showed no traces of any kind left on them. Our hotel takes seriously all pest claims and follows up diligently and forcefully to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. - David Blitch, Resident Manager.

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Although I did not see evidence of an active infestation I did notice telltale signs of either a current issue or one that was resolved but left behind evidence. Since my husband encountered bedbugs while on previous business travel we have been very diligent when checking into hotels now. While inspecting the room I found smears of blood containing what looked to be smashed up bugs in the creases of the textured wall paper, the headboard, bedskirt, lamp shade and a picture hanging next to the b

ed in question. Not wanting to take any chances we requested a new room. The room in question was in building two, room 3009 and the date was April 8, 2010. I did take pictures of the listed items.

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