Bienville House Hotel
320 Decatur St
New Orleans, LA

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We stayed there Jan. 13-16, 2014, in a room on the 3rd floor. I checked thoroughly and found no bed bugs.

Stayed here for a wedding. Found a black bug on our white sheet and notified the front desk. We were told they did not have another room for us and would give us new sheets. We stayed the night cause it was late and planned to move hotels the following morning. We woke up to find another bug on the chair pillow. We immediately packed out belongings and asked to change hotels. After much persuading we were reimbursed for our stay. We called to check in and see if the exterminator had c

ome to confirm whether or not they were bed bugs and the woman at the front desk she never did. We are still waiting to hear if they received positive results but have taken the necessary precautions to get rid of them because we don't believe we will actually get results from the hotel. Threw
Out luggage and dry cleaned clothes. Planning to send hotel the bill.

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Pulled back comforter on one of the two double beds to find 3 live bugs on pillows and topsheet and 1 dead bug on sheet. Manager came up right away to inspect, said an exterminator would be called. After expressing concern about staying in the hotel after they relocated me to another room on the same floor, the front desk receptionist(Cynthia) was very empathetic and apologetic and she went above and beyond to secure another room -at the same discounted wedding/group room rate - in their sister

hotel, Monteleone, a couple blocks away. Hotel Monteleone is definitely an upgrade and has never had an bedbugs incident reported on this registry. Very thankful to Cynthia and Jason at Monteleone and glad to be able to enjoy the rest of what will be a wonderful weekend in New Orleans.

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Stayed here Jan/2012 No Bed Bugs.

We stayed at Bienville House in April 2011. Upon pulling the bedding back I noticed a few small black specks on the sheets and then realized one was a live bug. We had 2 queen beds so I pulled back the covers of the other bed and there was a small bug crawling on these sheets also. I reported the incident and the manager immediately came to the room to check. We were moved to another room with no windows on another floor. The sheets on this bed were clean. The staff was courteous and helpf

ul. Upon checking out we did receive a discounted rate without asking. Even though we were treated well I wouldn't stay here again and run the risk of bringing bugs home.

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In response to the claim of bedbugs at the Bienville House Hotel on 11/8/10: Our nationally known exterminating company did a thorough examination of the room with negative results. No bedbudgs found.

My reservation was for two nights beginning 11/4/2010-11/6/2010. Upon entering my room, I removed the decorative pillows from the bed and a bedbug was crawling on the standard, white pillow case. The hotel offered to move me to a windowless room as they were otherwise, sold out. That was not acceptable and I checked out of the hotel. (I was lucky enough to have found room at a different hotel within the FQ.) While the front desk clerk was helpful and sympathetic, she did not appear to be very sh

ocked or surprised by my discovery. The hotel removed the charges from my ccard and manager (via the clerk) offered a complimentary nights stay for my next New Orleans visit.

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