Ambassador Hotel
535 Tchoupitoulas St
New Orleans, LA

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I came in on a Wednesday evening. Woke up the next morning to find bites on my neck. I wasn't sure what kind of bite it was and was oblivious to bed bugs. The next 6 days or so, I slept in the other bed in the room and continued to receive bite here and there. Finally, I found a bug on me. I looked on line and determined it was a bed bug. The hotel was kind enough to provide another room for me but by this time I felt all of my belongings were infested.

Next morning, tried to report the

bed-bug provlem to the manager who in turn basically told me they never had this problem and I must have brought it with me. I tried to file a formal complaint but was told they don't do this. I called the NOPD to make a formal complaint and they said this was a civil matter, go see a doctor and get a lawyer.

Came home to find one hiding in my hair. I caught this one and flushed it but how many more could I have brought in?

I will never stay in this hotel again and will be sure to check thoroully for this in any other hotel I stay in (if I ever stay in one again).

Bad experience - Manager didn't seem to care.

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Stayed there feb 16/17 for mardi gras and while there were no bed bugs, the hotel room was filthy...also the mattress is kept in a zipped case which is locked shut so there was no way to check the actual mattress for signs which gave me the suspicion that there had been bugs in the room previously...staff was decent, good location. Hotel has potential but needs an upgrade...paint spots on the floor and the bathroom reminded me of a hostel or hospital bathroom...would not recommend.

these niggas is lyin ambassador is a good hotel

Just add on to my last report
If you read the other hotels reports in the New Orleans downtown/uptown areas, you will find they are all infested. Even the high class 4 star hotels.
I would say "do not come to New Orleans, and if you do, it is better you sleep inside your own car"

Just add on to my last report
If you read the other hotels reports in the New Orleans downtown/uptown areas, you will find they are all infested. Even the high class 4 star hotels.
I would say "do not come to New Orleans, and if you do, it is better you sleep inside your own car"

staying in this hotel for 3 nights and found my fingers, elbow and neck area bitten by bed bugs,
very itch and do not know what to do.I feel like this
is no fault of mine but I have a shadow in my life.
I also worry if I take the bed bucks home and infest
my house. Hope God will help me.
DO NOT stay in room 240 in this hotel. I was there
from aug 10 to aug 13/2011
Victim of bed bugs

Just returned from a dermatology convention and spent 4 days in this hotel. By day 2 I noticed a red itchy bump that was fairly non specific, but by day 4 there were 3 more similar bumps noted. I checked the room, seams of the bed, crevices of the walls and saw no darks spots on my linen. I am sure I have been bitten by something and now that I read the prior reports I am concerned about bed bugs. I have heat treated all of my clothing, but I am most worried about the potential of bringing th

ese critters home. I will contact the hotel in the a.m. to notify them.

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Stayed at the Ambassador from Oct 20 to Oct 26/10 and came home covered in bites in groups of 3. Found out they are bedbug bites so now my suitcases are in the shed outside so they'll freeze and every piece of my shopping and clothing is either in the garbage or at the dry cleaners. I showed the lady at the front desk the bites and she said they were mosquito bites. They developed slowly but by the time we got home I was covered in huge red itchy bites. Do yourself a favor and stay somewhere

else. It sure
wrecked our vacation.

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Because of the climate in New Orleans and the city's reputation for exotic critters, I really expected to encounter bed bugs when I went last week. (10/14/2010-10/18/2010) Stayed at the Ambassador and am happy to report that we (my wife and I) did not see any bed bugs or any signs of bed bugs. Hotel looked and smelled clean. Hotel staff friendly and helpful with information and directions. When I asked the front desk clerk about bed bugs and if any had invaded the hotel, the lady said that t

he hotel management was very vigilant and pro-active in treating for bed bugs and that any reports were thoroughly checked out and rooms were immediately treated. All in all, we had a very pleasant stay.

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We stayed there for one night on October 14th 2010. We should have know this would happen because the place is a stink hole to begin with. We didn't check this website until AFTER our stay, unfortunately. A girl in our party was COVERED in bites and saw several actual bugs during the night. She's very upset. We talked to the manager and they would NOT refund us because we didn't come down in the middle of the night to request a room change. But... she didn't know she was being bitten in h

er sleep. That doesn't make sense. The hotel staff is completely inconsiderate and later we saw the manager shaking out sheets in the back. This place sucks in every way. DO NOT STAY HERE unless you want a bad experience to tell stories about later.

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On a Girls weekend get away me and my 4 cousins and friends stayed here! Everything was okay until my 8 month pregnant cousin slide across the floor and fell due to the floor being over waxed! Seeing how it was N.O. of course we all had fresh pedicures so the whole first night we were slipping and sliding across the room. Once the front desk was contacted they told us all house keeping was off for the day (3pm) and they would see what they could do! They sent someone up with two rugs that looke

d liked they stole from in front of the front entrance and put them on the floor. BS so they finally moved us to another room on the otherside and our weekend ended perfectlly! Now that I have returned home to Houston, TX I was recentlly informed that I brought bedbugs back to my home! FREAKING GROSS I feel so disrespected! I have to freaking disassemble all my furniture to get my home fumigated! And to make matters worse Orkin wants to charge me $450 for the first room and $200 for every after that! This is some BABY BACK BULLSHIT... We will never STAY at the Ambassador again! And I'm about to call the BBB!!!!!

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My girlfriend and I stayed at this hotel June 12 thru 13th and our experience was much the same as others reported here on this site. We awoke the next morning to small blood spots on the sheets. Not having any idea that bed bugs still existed, we dismissed it and continued to enjoy our weekend excursion. The second night, we awoke at about 2 AM and actually SAW the bugs crawling on us and on the linens. We immediately reported it to the front desk and I was a bit alarmed to see that the expr

ession on the face of the clerk showed no surprise at all. We were moved to a room on the 4th floor and saw no bugs there. This incident was very unfortunate because the hotel is in a great location and, otherwise, is a nice hotel. I would not recommend this hotel and will not stay here again.

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I checked into the Ambassador, room 313 on 2/19. Noticed a few bites the first night. I did not react strongly until the morning after the third night when I saw two bed bugs and the blood spots on the sheets, telltale sign of bugs. The concierge moved me to room 360 which did not seem to be infested.

The hotel refunded one night only and seems reluctant to refund the other nights.

I am currently staying at the Ambassador Hotel for the Rock n Roll Marathon. I checked in on February 24th to room 315 and had no problems my first night that I know of, but around 2 am during my second night I woke up and saw a huge bug on my pillow. I flicked it off and went back to bed thinking it was just a bug. I woke up again at 3 am itchy all over. I finally got out of bed and turned the light on to find 2 huge red/brown bugs in my bed. At that point I immediately went down to the front d

esk to report the problem. The woman seemed like she had heard this before and with out any questions moved me to a different room on the other side of the hotel to room 335. When I got to my new room I checked the bed for blood stains, and the mattress/pillows for bugs, so far so good, but now it is 5:15 am, I'm still awake and scratching and I have to work an expo all day tomorrow. I'm very upset and uncomfortable! Hopefully I'll be compensated for my stay and moved to a different hotel tomorrow.
Also, I'm a bit concerned about my luggage and clothing because I had my bag open in my room both nights. I know I'll have to get my clothes washed instead of washing them in my home and I'll have to buy some spray to kill anything left in or on my bags.
I'm totally freaked and disgusted!

I think this hotel has a lot of potential, but this is a serious problem. They need to fumigate immediately!! I noticed that the bugs didn't even move when I turned the lights on; which is not a good sign.

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We stayed Feb 11, 2010-feb 19, 2010 for the mardi gras festivities.
The first night our friends were in room 272 and woke up after they felt something crawling over them, (approximately 4 am) they inspected their bed and saw bed bugs. They took a video and they reported it to management. They were moved to another room and management compensated a few nights off the bill and also gave us the same compensation because we booked our trip together. Also, upon our request maintenance sprayed their

new room with pesticide.
During our stay I never turned off the lights and I slept with my head and face wrapped with my scarf and slept with pajamas with long sleeves and legs. When I got up during the night I inspected my sheets and pillows. Our friends also said they checked for bugs frequently during the night, making for a restless stay.
On our last night, when I got up and went to the bathroom and returned to my bed, I saw a bed bug on my pillow. I immediately called the front desk. The young lady came up( she was a little irate saying this always happens on her watch), she had a list of rooms to move my husband and I. When we were ready to move and were still packing, the bellman was a little irate and said to us "I thought you were ready". That irritated my husband, but we ignored his remark and graciously moved. This was also around 4 am in the morning.
The room we moved to was nice but in our minds we were traumatized, restless, and disgusted. When the manager arrived to work he came to our room and explained he was fighting this awful problem. He offered to comp us for a 2 night stay at one of the the other 2 hotels they own ( the Queen and Crescent or the Royal at St Charles). judging by the reviews I am not sure we will go but we accepted the offer.
I must add the location of the Ambassador was great and we would have enjoyed our stay if not for those unwanted pests.
By the way, my friend had bug bites on her neck and hands.
They need to fumigate, change the rugs in the hallways, patch up all holes and implement a disinfection process after each guest to ensure a cleaner environment. All beds should be freestanding and not placed against their walls. They also need a better linen service, some of their linen and towels were dingy.
Once they get it together they can have a successful establishment. I believe they can do the aforementioned improvements, it will require closing down for a while but in the long run it would be a good investment. because as of now I will not return.

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I booked a two-nite stay when Orbitz had a sale over Superbowl weekend (Feb 2010). The first night, I woke-up to use the bathroom and when I returned to the bed, I saw a BIG bedbug crawling out from my sheets and when I moved the pillow, there was another underneath. I knew what they were from seeing them on TV. I believe the room was # 186 (back of the hotel, first floor). I complained to the front desk who relocated me to a fourth floor room which seemed to be bug free (but a stinky smokin

g room). Due to the big weekend, that was going to be my only choice so I asked them to refund my second night (seeing as how I was phantom itching the rest of the night). Decided to move to the Hilton Riverfront which was more expensive, but clean as a whistle. The manager was nice and my refund from Orbitz was in the bank by the time I got home.

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I stayed at the ambassador hotel in April 2009 on the first floor and also experienced bed bugs. I had huge welts everywhere, even my face! DON'T STAY THERE!

Stayed here December 3-5 and had bugs in three of three rooms they moved me to (411, 407, 413). Initially just had the welts and itching, but later was able to find them in the second two rooms I was in. Staff did not seem at all surprised by my complaints and the manager has so far not even spoken to me despite numerous requests that he do from his staff

Please thank you for your additional reports of bedbugs. Please it is important that you file a report with the health department. There is no reason why this hotel should get away with this.

I have several marks and blemishes on my arms and legs. This situation has caused me such pain and discomfort. Do not let this happen to another person.

Please contact this person below. She works for the New Orleans Health Department

Marsinah Mayfield
work# 504-568-7970

I also stayed in Room 113 the night of July 25 and found bedbugs in the bed. Stay elsewhere.

I stayed at the Ambassador Hotel March 16-18, 2009. The very first night I awoke to the feeling of bugs crawling on me. Without turning on the lights I went to the bathroom and saw some strange bug crawling on the bath mat but I didn't think anything of it as this is New Orleans and little bugs are part of life. But what struck me funny is that I lived in NOLA for 6 years and did not recognize this bug.

I went back to bed and again I had this feeling of bugs crawling on me. I turned on

the light and pulled back the covers and the same bug I saw in the bathroom was crawling on my bed except for there were many of them plus what I now know as blood-engorged nymphs (babies). I woke up my friend sleeping in the bed next to me and although we didn’t see bugs immediately in her bed we discovered a lot of blood stains which we later learned are from rolling over the bugs in your sleep and splatting them. We went down to the reception and complained and they sent someone up to verify that these were bed bugs and that the room had an infestation. They were sold out and unable to move us to another room until 3pm the next day. They also were unable to help us relocate to another hotel or comp us a night.

When I returned from my trip, about a week later my friend and I broke out in bumps. I went to the doctor and they confirmed these were bed bug bites. The doctor reviewed images of what the bugs looked like with me and we confirmed them from our memory and photos. She encouraged us to file a complaint at the Health Department which I am still trying to figure out how to do. In my doctor’s experience, when you actually see the bugs and the nymphs that means there is a severe infestation. They are extremely hard to get ride of and require professional extermination of the entire facility (which requires them to close down temporarily).

Unfortunately I just discovered this registry so I don’t remember the exact room number from March, but we were on the side of the building towards Poydras. They later moved us to the 4th floor on the Lafayette wing.

I strongly recommend against this hotel. There are a number of bed bug complaints on Trip Advisor as well.

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On July 3, 2009. My cousin and I stayed at The Ambassador Hotel in New Orleans in room 113. We felt this would be a good location for an event taking place at the Convention Center. After our second day in New Orleans we notice a couple of tiny bites on our arms. After returning home to New Jersey, these tiny bumps turned into hug welts all over our arms, belly, back, and legs. Extremely scared I rushed myself to the hospital. Doctors gave me medications to treat the itchy bumps that invade

d my entire body. My cousin did the same. If you are considering staying at this hotel, please do not. We called the hotel and the manager admitted to the infestation. Please do not stay at this hotel for your own safety. I am extremely depressed by this situation.

Please travel safely and in good health

Well wishes

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