University Inn
1229 S Limestone
Lexington, KY 99999

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We stayed there July 8-10,2013. I woke up the first morning and noticed 3 bites on my stomach but thought I may have been bit by a spider. Later that day I found a few more bites on my left arm but didn't think much of it until the next day. I woke up our second day with more bites but didn't notice them until later that morning and we had already left. I am almost certain that they are bed bug bites because I didn't feel when I was bitten and they are in a group of three on my stomach, both

arms and 4 bites on my left leg and 2 on my right. I called the hotel to report it and they said they steamed the room and found no bugs. But, I strongly believe I got them from sleeping in the bed there. My daughter, who slept in a separate bed only had one bite on her cheek.

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We stayed here in October 2010 during the World Equestrian Games. I inspected our room and bed and didn't find any bed bugs when we checked in so we thought we were okay. However, the very next morning we found a bed bug crawling in the bed. I caught and killed it. It was full of blood. We found and killed 2 more bed bugs during our stay. Our room was prepaid in full due to the World Equestrian Games and all hotels in Lexington were full so we just had to make the best of it since there was no w

here else to go. We did notify the staff at the front desk of the hotel about it, and they did say they would look into the problem and notify their cleaning staff.

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