Thewit Hotel
201 N State St
Chicago, IL 60601

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This is a follow up from my previous report. Had treatment for bed bugs yesterday after throwing out all of my daughters items and most of clothes in her room. Had mattresses treated and bed bug resistant covers put on all of the mattresses. Paid ORKIN $1500.00 yesterday. Thanks Double Tree, I will not return or recommend your hotels to anyone!! The copy of the pest control exam done on the room I stayed in, sent to me by you, clearly states they were doing a recheck after treatment and since i

t is againt the law in the state of Illinois to do preventative treatment for bed bugs you are either breaking the law or lying to me! To the public, don't stay there !! Period!!
Also, to the person who did the post from May 5th they said your claim to have a bed bug on your pillow was a lie! Imagine that!

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May 8th 9th and 10th stayed at the Witt in Chicago. Came home and my daughter starting getting these welts only on her arms and chest. Went to Prompt care and regular Dr and thought they were hives or an allergic reaction to something. well not any better in the last 2 weeks . Last night found a bedbug on her pillow. She has her bag from the trip still sitting by her bed. Will have to get rid of everything in her room. No one else in the house has been affected.

Found a bed bug on 18th floor crawling on my pillows

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