The Silversmith Hotel
10 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60603-2801

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So, we were there over the last weekend for one night (July 26 - 27) in order to take the kids to the museums, etc.... My wife noted what she thought were a line of spider bites on her back the night we got home. On closer inspection, we don't think so.

I don't have anything showing and neither do the kids, but we are going to start marking and tracking. Most of our luggage was kept up off the floor, but she is freaking out, especially after seeing the recent reports on the registry....

Stayed at the Silversmith July 14-18. Now that I am back home on the east coast I have broken out in bug bites! Perhaps some took a ride in my luggage! Very itchy - went to the doctor and have been vacuuming all day - had to take off from work and most like will be calling the exterminator tomorrow.

Bedbugs in our room
First we had problems with the toilet and had to use the bathroom down in the reception, the first night. Then one person of our group woke up with 18 bites from bedbugs. We saw a total of 3 bugs in the room. The hotel did not offer us a new room for the second night, but we got a little discount when we checked out. I think they have a problem with bedbugs!

I was bitten badly during my visit in mid-December 2012. Looks like the Silversmith Hotel has had a problem for many months, and has not remedied the situation.

Family member bitten first week of August. Had room changed. Isolated incident?

My husband and I were both bitten terribly during our stay July 3 and 4, 2012

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