Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers
301 E North Water St
Chicago, IL

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I stayed at this location april 10-12. When I arrived I did check the room for bedbugs before bringing in my luggage. I did not find any, so I felt comfortable with staying. In the early morning hours on 4/12 I woke up itching to my upper back, neck and chest. Being half asleep I didnt think twice about it and returned to sleep. On arrival home on evening of 4/12 I felt bumps on my back/neck and when checked found bites that look like bed bug bites. I was in room 2737 and have reported this in

cident to the management of the hotel this am. I was told they will having pest control look at the room and be calling me back about the issue. He did offer to pay for dry cleaning of my clothing.

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I was bitten twice on my hands on Jan 09, 2014. Management changed us to a new room after taking all our luggage to a decontamination area where it was "baked" at 120 degrees for 4-5 hours.
The Housekeeping Manager called to tell us that the exterminator -Orkin? - had reported no bed bug activity. I laughed then and now since my bed bug bites are still there itching away.
At checkout time they expected us to pay for the night we spent in a bed bug infested room. The clerk was dismissive of o

ur claims. My partner managed to get him to take that charge off our bill.
NEVER staying at a Sheraton again. :-(

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They still have bed bugs. I was there in October 30 to November 1 and found them in my room. The hotel manager told me that it was a gnat, even though I bought the bed bug down in a glass.

I complained to higher management and sent a picture of the bed bug and not have heard from anyone since then.

They still have them. Stayed on 27th floor on July 13th. After we left, noticed three huge red bites in the form of a triangle on my foot. Definitely not mosquitos.

I spent 3 days from August 4 to August 6, 2012 in the Sheraton, Club level (34th floor). After the 1st night I had bites on my legs, which I at first thought were mosquito bites. I had more bites after the 2nd night, but again assumed they were from mosquitoes. It wasn't until I returned home and realized the bites hadn't gone away and were continuing to itch, that a doctor told me they were likely bed bug bites. By that point, though, the damage had already been done as the contamination sprea

d to the room I had stored my luggage. My three day stay at the Sheraton wound up costing me over $10,000 in damages in exterminating and replacing items that had to be thrown out. The Sheraton was totally shady in the way they handled the situation, didn't even acknowledge my complaint until I complained to Starwoods. They did nothing to reimburse me for any of my damages or make any type of accommodation. I'm a frequent business traveler and have never encountered such negligence and horrific customer service. They've lost me, as well as my colleagues, as customers permanently.

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My wife and me spent 3 days from May 2 to May 5, 2012 in this Sheraton, 20th floor. After the 2nd night both of us had bites formations like circles and lines on body and arms. Coming from Europe, this was our first experience with the insects. Thus, we did not spent too much attention to the bites; having returned to Europe and done some research, we found out that it was the bedbugs and that we had to do a great job in decontamination. After washing our clothes, we put everything into the Sa

una in order to grill the little insects.

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I really wish I had thought to look for a registry/complaints before we went on our mini-vacation! We stayed in this hotel on the 14th and 15th of January. A week later and I have all kinds of bites and my 7 year old son has them too! I am livid at the thought that this could have happened at this hotel and now I have to sanitize my home and call an exterminator and all this when it is obvious this problem has been brought to their attention SEVERAL times already!! How disgusting!At what point i

s something going to be done? Shameful and ridiculous.

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My family and I recently stayed at this hotel Dec. 16-17th and before I allowed my family to set anything down, I pulled back all of the bedding on the beds and noticed bed bugs on the mattress. I immediately called down to the front desk and the clerk sounded as if she was surprised but did place us in another room on the other side of the building. They also sent a staff person up to verify that there were indeed bed bugs. Needless to say they did not offer to compensate me for my inconveni

ence but the hotel manager did call and inform me that he had orkin come out and that there was no live activity in the room. Did not make me feel any better but we were there for a family funeral and other family members were staying there too. Didn't want to make a sad situation any more stressful on family members. Did not see any bugs in the new room but I was unable to sleep out of concern with potentially bringing them home. Could not wait to leave but I have been checking nightly for unwanted visitors.

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Checked in on October 26, 2011. Noticed a couple "bugs" and one left a stain on the sheet. Left early in the morning and now I have them at home... called the hotel today - have tried do it yourself and spent $100 and was unsuccessful. Exterminators quotes are anywhere from $700 - $2000 depending on the size of the infestation. Hotel said they would have the room I was in "inspected" and get back to me. Still waiting. Unacceptable for a supposed "4 star hotel."

We stayed one night, 11/12/2010. Found bed bugs (crawling) on the sheets early in the morning and had bites all over my body. Hotel was helpful, but tried to downplay the problem... told me that this is their "first" incident, now I know that is not true.

I stayed at this location from July 28th-30th. The sheets and pillows had small blood stains on them. I explained my concern and how I wanted to leave, they would not refund my money. Since I have been home I left all my luggage and such outdoors and have yet to notice any signs of bed bugs. I would not stay there again.

July 24-27. Room was dirty. Sheets had small redish blood stains. 2 weeks after our stay my daughter and I had visible bites. Since then, our sheets at home have had small blood stains and we've noticed bites on our bodies.

I've contacted the hotel. They were less than helpful and said they would "get back to me" after an investigation weeks ago. I've heard nothing. We're going to put tape on our bed to try and find evidence and then will have to eat the $$$$$$ bill for an exterminat


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