Renaissance Chicago Hotel
1 W Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL

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I stayed at this hotel in July 2013 and I returned home with a few bed bugs. I didn't know what they were at first until I researched. Thank God I haven't seen an infestation in my house. I was careful to check my bed and seating areas. I know that it was at this hotel because that was the only place that I had traveled.

We checked in on a Friday for the weekend to room 1712. woke up in the middle of the night - around 3:30am and that's when I noticed I had a strange tingling sensation on my neck. When I touched it it felt three little bumps. I went into the bathroom to look at it and then woke my husband and asked him to take a look. I had a feeling it could be bed bugs so I went online to get info. Sure enough three bites in a row us a common indicator. The following morning there was a total of 8 bites and th

ey were bright red and swollen, very itchy and tender. I had looked up how to look for signs of bed bugs in the room and so my husband and I made an investigation, looked undervote matttress, etc but we didn't find any signs. I went to the front desk, showed them my neck and requested a room change anyway. They said 'we've never had any bed bugs here' which was sort of insulting. For a hotel that's 103 years old, I find that hard to believe. Anyway, we got a new room and I have no more bites. But now I'm paranoid that there are bugs in my luggage so I am throwing my luggage away. We just hit home and are being very cautious. We are keeping our things in the garage and bringing our clothes in plastic bags to wash them all. It's a really gross feeling!

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