Hotel Blake
500 S Dearborn St
Chicago, IL
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Nov 8 2014

Bitten on my arm in Room 707 at 1am.

I am very allergic to bedbug bites so woke up immediately and was able to trap an adult bedbug that had just fed on me.

I rapidly packed up all of my belongings and called the front desk, who sent security to escort me to Room 507 (a nicer room!). I was not bitten at all in 507, but mention it because my belongings have been in both rooms and there's always the possibility of a hitchhiker...

I appreciated how quickly they moved me, b

ut the desk made no further mention of the issue when I checked out -- it seemed like they wanted to downplay the issue.

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Hotel Blake, now known as Wyndham Blake Chicago, response to RG posting dated 02/02/2011.
The Wyndham Blake Chicago takes very seriously any reports of this potential issue.
Every effort is made to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests in regard to this matter and the Wyndham Blake Chicago does have in place a proactive program to limit the possibility of any such occurrence; our entire team is well versed in the subject matter and in addition we also have an ongoing contract with a pe

st control company, a company that inspects all of our guest rooms on a rotating basis.
Upon receiving this report we brought in our pest control service to inspect the room noted with an end result of ‘NO EVIDENCE OF ANY TYPE OF PEST WAS FOUND’.
The guestroom was placed back in service and we have received no further complaints.
Should you need any further clarification please feel free to contact the general manager’s office.
Thank you,
Danny Nava
Front Office Manager
Wyndham Blake Chicago
500 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago, Il 60605
P- 312-986-1234
F - 312-939-2468
E - [email protected]

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Just stayed there last night 2/1/11...Room 615.

Such a beautiful hotel - but it definitely had bedbugs...I have bites all over my neck that I didn't notice until about an hour after I checked out. I'm disgusted and worried I'm going to be taking them home in my clothes...I'm freaking out!

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