Holiday Inn Chicago-Mart Plaza (Riverview)
350 W Mart Center Dr
Chicago, IL 60654

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December 17, 2011
BED BUGS!!! DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL. My fiance and I just tried to check into this hotel this past Saturday. My fiance is a pest control technician, so we literally check EVERYWHERE we stay now for bed bugs. By check, I mean strip down the bed, lift the mattress, lift the box spring, pillows, bed frame...EVERYTHING. Thank god we lifted the box spring this time! My fiance knew something was up because the box spring had a bed bug encasement sheet on it. Once we lifted t

he box spring and took a flash light to the bottom, you literally could see about 10 bed bugs and the fecal matter!! We immediately called down to the front desk and explained what we found. They tried to give us a room on the same floor and were very casual about the whole situation. EXTREMELY DISSAPPOINTED! We requested our money back and left the hotel immediately. You seriously cannot take any chances with these things. Once you bring them home, it is very hard to get rid of. I know sometimes hotels like to respond to these type of posts and explain that it actually was not bed bugs and that it was ants, or some other creature. I TOOK A PICTURE WITH MY PHONE, so don't even try to deny this!!!

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We stayed at this hotel July 15. Developed severe bed bug bite welts over my arms, chest, and upper back after coming home.

I have spent 4 nights here for a conference and have woken today to find MULTIPLE bites. I researched and am confident these are bed bug bites by the multiple sets of patterns I have over my legs and crotch.

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