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Moved in spring 2012. Got a very large bite in December and didn't think much of it. I left the apartment for christmas at parents house.

When I got back I started getting many bites in the spring of 2013. Didn't realize they were bedbug bites until months later. I thought they were allergies because I had never heard of bedbugs before. The apartment building responded by spraying down my room 4 times. I hope they are gone...it was the worst experience of my life....

The bedbugs were ver

y small and hard to spot. Usually they are the size of apple seeds but these were a lot smaller.

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I moved into the 44th floor of tower 1 in May of 2011. I started noticing bites in early August. By the end of month, I was covered in swollen, painful bites on my face, neck, and body.

Building management has been responsive, but difficult. The company PT uses is Gold Seal, and they have been nothing but helpful - ask for the inspector's/exterminator's direct line. Unfortunately, PT will not approve heat treatment for my unit, claiming spray will suffice. I am requesting for heat, as should

you if fighting the same battle.

As residents, we need to be cautious. If you suspect your bites are from bedbugs, request a free inspection.

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April 30-July 1, 2011 Presidential Towers, bed bug infestation left unreported for months prompted a floor outbreak. After multiple sprays and heat treatments, the bed bug infestation is finally gone.

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