Drake Hotel

Chicago, IL

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The Drake Hotel takes all suspicions of bedbug activity with the utmost concern and sensitivity. The hotel’s team is trained on how to proactively identify any possible pest activity. Our rooms are inspected regularly for pest activity by a professional exterminator. The Drake takes all inquiries seriously and ensures all rooms always meet our high standards. The Director of Housekeeping welcomes any guest concern with suspected activity: 312-932-4675.

Stayed Oct 1st. Awoke Sunday morning and had 2 red bites on arm, not sure if was bedbugs or spider. Red welts lasted about 3 or 5 days, we're the size of about quarter. Reported to front desk' manager cam our saw bite marks' said they would check out room. I did not hear back from them, that was a little sprising, as I have been a guest several times in past year. Not sure I want to go back.

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