Courtyard by Marriott Chicago Magnificent Mile
165 E Ontario St
Chicago, IL

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I stayed here on Friday October 2, 2015 and October 3, 2015. The first night I just thought I was getting bit by mosquitos. Just thought it was odd because the bites looked like mosquito bites. On the second night I just couldn't take the itching. I was up every hour. Finally aroung 3 AM I got up and looked at my hands and forearms. They were swollen and itchy. I got online and started looking up the bites and everything concluded to bed bugs. So I looked under my sheets and found a tiny

bug running across the sheets. I grabbed it with a kleenex and took it down to the main desk. I also showed them my bites. He claimed that there was a possibility that I was allergic to the soap used to clean the sheets. They said they would look into it and email me a report. I never received one. I did receive a phone call to apologize but that they had hired ecolab to investigate and they found nothing. I left that morning. Please explain the bug in the kleenex and please explain the bites??????

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