Club Quarters Chicago Wacker at Michigan
75 E Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL

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I stayed at this hotel for one night on July 14, 2014 and woke the next morning with several bites. The room was filthy and poorly maintained. Obviously, I checked out immediately and went to another hotel. Club Quarters charge me an "early departure fee" and would make no adjustment despite the filth and the infestation of their dump. Stay away

I stayed at this hotel for training for work on three separate occasions. The second time was for a full week in August 2013. I was in a room with a river view and I checked out on a Friday. That day the bites started appearing all over my arms and neck but as this was my first encounter with bedbugs, I wasn't sure what they were until after doing some research. The bites kept showing up until I ended up with around 100. I then had an allergic reaction to the bites, so they turned into large

welts. Needless to say, it was an awful experience and has left me with anxiety about hotels. The hotel was pre-booked through work, so I had to come back a third time (Sept 2013) and naturally was very nervous about it. I did a search of my first room after checking in and asked to move when I found something suspicious. My second room was fine; however, a coworker of mine ended up with bites from that stay. We both reported our issues and this hotel has now been removed from the list of hotels used by our company, thankfully. On the upside, the hotel did work hard to remedy the situation when I requested to move rooms. They accommodated my request, heat treated my luggage, and checked in on me multiple times.

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Stayed 2 nights on the "River Hotel" side of this property, 75 E Wacker Drive, with no evidence of bedbugs. No bites, no blood, no itching. This was floors 1-10 or so of the property. I did not stay on the "Club Quarters" floors, which are accessed through a different elevator.

I stayed at 75 e wacker for a week in August on the 18th floor. I have never thought of checking for bed bugs before, simply because I never had to when I stay at hotels.. They should be clean and been taking care of by the management. Oh boy, how wrong I can be. Upon return of my trip, I have over 40 bites all over my body.. I freaked out, because I never had a problem with bed bugs before. I did never have any at my apartment. Come to think about I saw small blood stain on the bed sheet befor

e I left.. I couldn't think of a better reason for those stains.. Bedbugs!! Any one stayed there, be aware, please please check for bed bugs before u sleep on those beds... U may end up like me, getting bites all over your body and going through terrible stress because of it. I will never stay at club quarters again....

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Club Quarters, Wacker @ Michigan is very committed to proactively managing the issue of bed bugs in our hotel through the in-depth training of our staff, the involvement of independent pest control companies and the utilization of the latest treatment technologies. Rooms are taken out of service immediately and are not returned to service unless they are provided with an ‘all clear’ by the independent pest control company. Club Quarters, Wacker @ Michigan also goes a step further and proact

ively pre-treats each room by a trained professional twice annually as a enhanced preventive measure. Our preventive steps and aggressive actions are consistent and effective.

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I was a guest at Club Quarters on business 9/12-9/15. The bites happened gradually which didn't cause alarm immediately (two on my hand) and progressed from there. I didn't automatically assume bed bug bites because I've never experienced it before and it's a 4 star hotel (WRONG!). I went to see a doctor to determine the origin of the all the bites I had (trails of them on my arms and shoulders), he took one look and said "those are mite bites and prescriped Lidex topical cream. Needless to say

I itch like hell and throughly grossed out. The matter is being looked into by club quarters management.

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