Aragon Arms Hotel
4917 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-3709

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Apt./Room 307: 3/17/2012 -- Since last report, I sprayed once MYSELF with spray which is STRONGER then the OTC stuff they use. That was last weekend, and it lessened the problem for a day or two. Then, it was as bad as ever, between 6 and 12 or more new bites each night. Thursday night 3/15 it was so bad I could not sleep at all and was up all night. Friday 3/16 Requested the manager spray again. "Jane" said she would come with her Maintenance man, inspect, and ONLY IF she saw bugs would t

hey spray. (She still to that point DENIED that there were any bugs in my room, even after being shown bites and evidence. Call her Cleopatra...) The night of 3/16, I sprayed on my own AGAIN, and I think it helped, but there were still dead carcasses in the corners after I sprayed, vacated the room for two hours and then came back and aired it out, per instructions on the extra-strength spray I used.. (Management here does NOT advise that I leave the room when they spray: "It's not that strong," he tells me. !) This morning, they arrive, inspect, she is SHOWN dead bugs, and unhappily asks her man to caulk and spray, which he does. In looking at the mattress, we find one very alive bug which we kill. That is AFTER laundering ALL the bed clothes last night -- and several times before! -- before spraying and leaving them exposed to the spray in the room.

History I have learned since the first post is that this room (307) was INFESTED previous to being painted and freshened. One staffer explained that it was so bad they had to move the resident to the 1st floor before they could attack this room. When he was moving with his stuff in the elevator, the bugs were crawling on him visibly and jumping off into the elevator.

The manager this morning SCREAMED at me, again insinuating that I had brought the bugs in. (I have several affidavits from people who KNOW I had no bugs on 2/26 in my old place.) Unhappy to have been SHOWN bugs, she then screamed at me again, pondering why it's taken more than once to cure my problem. This from a woman who does NOT use a PROFESSIONAL exterminator, who says that she was taught EVERYTHING she knows about exterminating from a pro. Everything EXCEPT to use pro spray, and that it often takes several treatments to cure the problem, often requiring inspecting and treating adjacent apts.

Based on that denial and refusal to face facts, use a pro service, and follow up, I'm not surprised that she NEVER gets these bugs eliminated. If I were you, I would take that into account, especially if you are considering renting units 307, 306, 308, 407 or 207.

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Moved in here Sunday 2/26. Every night for the last 3 nights I have awakened with at least 6 new bites. My stuff was clean, I had NO problems in my old place, and this particular room I moved into had been newly renovated, and looked very nice -- new floor, painted, new sink, new stove. But every night now, more bites. Monday morning I told the desk and he sent Rodrigo the maintenance guy in with a nearly-empty bottle of spray. That night, while doing MORE CLEAN LAUNDRY to make sure there w

ere no bugs, the night guy was more sympathetic, but didn't do anything but give me the empty spray bottle from yesterday. They had no more of the spray. (They must use a LOT of it, but NOT ENOUGH!!) Next morning, same problem. The next day, I told the guy at the front desk and was told Rodrigo wasn't in that day. Asked for the manager's number, he refuses to give me the woman's number. He is my next-door neighbor and offered me HIS BOTTLE of spray -- now I am concerned, because if he keeps spray in his room, HE HAS GOT 'EM, and if he's got them, I'VE GOT THEM. This morning, I tell John at front desk again, asking him a second time to contact the management. He refuses to give me the woman's number, and tells me she will be out after 11 am. That was at 9 am. Haven't heard from here, and it's 11am. now. NO suggestion of what else to do.

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Couple weeks ago while doing laundry, i noticed my sheets had a little congregation of them going on in the corner, every now and then i catch one crawling on top the sheets and kill it but it is getting quite annoying. this place has multiple insect probems the don't seem willingly to do anything about.

i moved in here in december of last year i have been noticing bedbugs in my unit i told the management about it they really didnt do anything about it so im trying to move out from these things not to long ago i saw one coming out of the wall its terrible havent really seen any roaches

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