Wellesley Inn Atlanta Airport
1377 Virginia Ave
East Point, GA 30344-5225

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Laying in bed in room 427 (7/15/15) watching tv and felt something bite me on my arm and leg. I looked to see what bit me and found a bug and then started looking at the sheets and found bed bug deposits. The Inn only switched us to a different room that was next door to the infested room.

July 18, 2012
Room 215, those rascals are still there!
Found a spider on the pillow when checking in, didn't think much about it. Now, believe it may have been feeding on the bed bugs.
Was resting on top of the bed watching TV, still clothed, when glanced a dark spot moving on the hem of my shorts. Reflex kicked in and was unable to find the culprit after flicking it away.
Immediately pulled off the top sheet and found a few more in various stages of development.
Smashed one on a piece of

paper and submitted to front desk. Front desk clerk very friendly and offered another room, but I didn't want to take the chance.

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5/14/12: making this report while I put everything I can in hotel washer & dryer.

Stayed in room 412. Fell asleep on on bed. Checked mattress first - and I seemed ok...

When I woke up at 1 am, bugs were crawling up the side of the bed. Caught 2 and showed night crew at desk. They won't charge for room and gave me money and soap for laundry.

Staff was nice enough and apologetic.

No sleep tonight. Just damage control. They gave me another room which I will be using only to shower t

hen straight to the airport.

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Stated at this hotel mid February for one night I am now covered in bed bug bites from head to toe. I called hotel they said they brought an exterminator out and found no sign of bugs. Not sure where to go from here...

August 20, 2011: room 215 - woke up after one night stay: three bites. Hotel didn't charge card for room, but needed to take all the precautions when returned home.

stayed there on 8/16. woke up the next day with several small bites. Have had several co-workers have similar experiences at this hotel in the past.

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