Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta Airport
1325 Virginia Ave
Atlanta, GA 30344-5213

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My family and I stayed at the CP the week before Christmas. We had an early flight the next morning.

I normally check every room before unpacking or opening suitcases. Not that day. Right before going to bed at nearly midnight, I got my flashlight out and checked behind the bed. I saw scurryin under the baseboards! Further inspection and I actually caught a LARGE, mature bedbug.

The front desk sent someone from housekeeping up to our room to check on the report. The man quickly conf

irmed that it was a bedbug. They offered to change us to a different room and treat our luggage in the "box". No one could really tell me how the box treated unopened bags. I did not feel secure that they were truly going to effectively treat all of our luggage that included Christmas gifts etc. We were leaving at 4:30am.

We never received a formal apology from management and I'm still fearful that we somehow brought bugs along with us,

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