Atlanta Marriott Marquis
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Atlanta, GA
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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i need to know if you got rid of bed bugs!! 5-15-15.

Found bites on my arms and legs. Went to explore the bottom mattress that was well protected with linen (the only corner I did not evaluate when I first arrived... The second division was full of black stain (bed bug feces?) I a saw a big bug with little transluscent babies and a classical round one. Reported it to the lobby and they were sorry and credited all the taxes and I got a free Starbuck breakfast! They were professional!
Always look all the corners of the bed!!! To the boxspring!!!

I stayed in room 2815 from sept 21 - 23, 2013

I left with a number of itchy bites. Further investigation shows them to be consistent with bedbug bites.

I did not realize it at the time, so did not search the room for additional evidence. However, I believe this room is highly suspect.

I want to apologize for posting a wrong feedback about getting the bed bugs from the stay (5/24 - 5/27). I found out that I bites I got were not from the bed bugs, but from the chiggers in my back yard.

I stayed in this hotel from 5/24-5/27, and indeed, I brought back bed bugs and now it's becoming a big problem. I wish I knew about this site before the trip. Make sure you leave your luggage out for a few days before you bring them in after the trip.

I stayed here 9/28 to 9/30/12. The first room I was given had something in it. I did a full inspection and found nothing until I moved the mattress. There was a large, fairly fresh blood stain and some kind of dead bug on the box spring. I went to the front desk and she sent up someone from loss prevention. She took a look at it and told me it was not a bb. From what I know now, it was rather big to be a bb but I wish I took a photo of in and put it on bed bugger for an ID.

The staff was gre

at. They allowed me to check two other rooms before I found one that looked ok. They were patient and understanding as I tore the room apart.

Were there bbs? I can't say for sure. I would recommend knowing what to look for and doing a really thorough inspection.

The first room I was offered was on the 35th floor. I do not remember the exact number. In my opinion the staff handled the situation well.

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As a follow up - Ecolab reported they found a spider in my room but no bed bugs.

AS a positive follow up...Earlier this monring I reported bed bugs in my room. As of this moment I am more than satisfied with the hotel's response. Two managers have met with me. We agreed regardless of what bit me they would make this right.

I am very happy to report they responded as I would have expected a Marriott property to repond. As angry as I was this morning I feel it has been handled in a professional manner.

I woke up this morning in room 3202 with bites on both my legs. 11 on one and six on the other.

So far the way this has been handled has been so dissappointing for someone who has stayed with Marriott over 400 nites. They have suggested I move to another room which means my suitcase with it's possible contamination could infect another room. I explained that I don't dare do that, check it on a plane or take it home based on what I have been researching this moring.

After two hours I am

still waiting on hotel management to come to my door in person. I have been told an eco lab company is on their way to see if what has happened really is bed bugs. I have taken pictures of my legs and don't really care what this outside company has to say about the room.

I think they were hoping I would give a report to security, move rooms and just go away.

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Dear Valued guests:

Bed Ridden, Anonymous and DeLora,

I appreciate you taking the time to report your incidents. I can report with full confidence that we have not had any confirmed cases of bed bugs as of the dates of your reported incidents. Room 3012 has been professionally inspected and the results were negative for bed bugs. I sincerely ask the publishers of Bed Ridden and DeLora to contact me directly so that more information can be gathered to indentify the exact room that you o

ccupied. As posted in my previous response, we take all reports of bed bugs extremely seriously and have aggressive steps in place to prevent infestation. Please feel free to contact me if any potential guests have a question or concern.


Cole Wallace
Director of Room Operations

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Woke up and son began scratching. SHortly noticed red rash- thought maybe detergent. As day went on it becae worse and the plane ride home was unbearable. How can any hotel not make 100% certain that this problem does not exist. Very disapPointed and glad to leave!

I stayed at the Marriott Marquis for four nights attending a conference. On my last night I felt something on my shoulder and brushed it off on to the bed and it was a bed bug. I didn't report to the desk as it was late and I checked out the next day. I did search the bed and couldn't find any other bugs. I was in room 3012.

My family and I stayed at this hotel 10/7-9/2011 and spotted a live bed bug crawling on the bed. I did not report the incident b/c we only had a few hours to check out. Other than that the hotel was really nice and so was the customer service.

Dear Valued Guest,

I appreciate you taking the time to share with me your experience at our hotel. Please allow me to address your concerns regarding bedbugs. We have researched your report of bedbugs from rooms on our 23rd floor and we are pleased to inform you all reports were negative for bed bug activity. The Atlanta Marriott Marquis takes all issues concerning bed bugs very seriously. We pride ourselves in our processes and procedures we use to detect bed bug activity. We have an d

etailed detection process, that starts with our housekeeping department who perform visual inspections of the bed and mattress. In all cases where our guests suspect bed bugs, we move aggressively to take the guest rooms out of service until a full and comprehensive inspection is completed by a nationally recognized third party, specializing in detection and extermination of bed bugs. The safety of our guests is our top priority. We are confident that the ongoing training and consistent review of our standards help us deliver a relaxing and enjoyable stay for our guests without the concern of bed bugs. If you have any additional concerns that you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me directly.


Cole Wallace
Director of Room Operations

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I was a guest at this hotel February 22-25. My room was located on the 24th floor. I work for a local health department (in a different state) so I am very familiar with Bed bugs, where they live/hide, and how to find/locate them. I did not see any bed bugs during my stay. I even moved the mattress, searched the luggage rack, curtains, desk, bed side table, etc with a flashlight. When I returned home, I still followed the recommendation of putting all my clothing in the dryer, just to be on the

safe side.

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I stayed for a convention from Feb 5-7th, 2011.
First room was on the 23rd floor. I found evidence of bedbug excrement (clusters of black spots close to the head of the mattress). They gave me another room 6 doors down on the same floor. A search turned up a shell (exoskeleton) in the shape of a bedbug.
They gave me another room on the floor below (22).
After a thorough search I found no evidence of bedbugs, and found nothing for the next 2 days I stayed.
I was unable to change hotels, but

the staff was extremely helpful and apologetic with each discovery. I am unsure what further action was taken by the hotel.

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JAN 18-20 2011
Received numerous bed bug bites and reported this to the hotel when I returned home. They said they would check it out. Right.

August 2008 - we came home from a 3 day stay in this hotel bitten from head to toe and then proceeded to bring the problem into our own home, because we had no idea what was causing our "rashes". A doctor finally put us straight. We wrote to Marriott's executive offices to advise them of the problem and got a curt reply back saying that their hotel had no bed bugs. Horrible customer service. Won't stay in a Marriott again anytime soon. HA!

I just found this website which is why this report is delayed. I stayed here from March 16 2010 until March 20. I woke the morning after my first night here with several bedbug bites on my arms. Gross!!

Woke up with bed bug bites and the hotel asked me if i was allergic to feathers. Was treated poorly they said no bug in the room at all how do they explain all my bug bites


bugs in the bed ,woke up itching to find small bugs in th beds.not treated the way we should have been treated was charged upon leaving for a bug infested room.had to call numerious times to get any results.

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