Liki Tiki Village
17777 Bali Blvd
Winter Garden, FL

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My Husband and I honeymooned here in 2014. We stayed in one of the townhouses. It was very quiet and relaxing. No bugs, just some lizards outside but that's florida for ya. Believe me, I checked every inch of that place. I am the type that clorox wipes every surface before putting my personal items down. I'm also the type that keeps all clothes in suitcase because I don't know what's hiding in the drawers/closets.. but we fully unpacked here. It was that clean!

I really like food... But Other then That there is not any problems in this hotel that I have experienced! Thanks! FEED ME!!

I'd also like to add to the 'positive experience' side. We are staying here for the first time and have not had ANY problems with bugs. After we'd made our reservation I saw many horrible reports on this place and I was terrified. However, either something changed or we got lucky,everything here has been awesome. No bugs. We are in the 1400 bldg.

I am an owner at this resort and have stayed here for the past 12 years. I have never seen a roach, bedbug or had any sanitary issues with this 5 star resort. Not saying that anyone on this site didn't have an issue, but wanted to also give a positive report. I have stayed in the townhouses, the older 400,500, and 600 buildings. The 700, 800, and 900 building and even the 1200 and up buildings. I think this is the best resort ever or would not keep going back. Sorry if anyone had a bad exp

erience but not everything in life is going to be 100% all the time.

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I can verify the report of the bed bugs. We were on vacation in a town house at the same time as the family. They are still having problems with the bed bugs as the brought them home with them. THeir daughter has had a real rough time! We have no reason to lie.

Who confirmed these were bed bugs? And bed bug bites? A doctor near by? Read the CDC Website and you will see the bites normally appear days later.

My wife and I and our 3 children checked in on Sat. 10/30/2010. Our first room was in the 1100 building, first floor. It was worn and old and not very clean, garbage can under the kitchen sink was full when we checked in and the ceiling fan in the kids room was about to fall off the ceiling. That night we noticed several small bugs in the room including roaches. When we woke up Sun morning my wife noticed several blood spots on the sheets in our room,we noticed even more blood spots on the kids

sheets when we woke them up. What is even worse is that those blood spots hadn't come from us and, as confirmed by the head of housekeeping, appeared to be relatively fresh and had not been through the wash. It was very upsetting to watch the staff remove all the bedding that we just slept on wearing protective gloves. We complained and were moved to the 1200 building, fourth floor. This room appeared much cleaner and newer. That night however, every time we woke up to use the bathroom we found at least one, inch sized, cockroach somewhere in the master bathroom. I was able to kill several but some escaped through a tiny gap in the wall at the base of the shower door. When we woke up the next morning, my older daughter had well over one hundred bites all over her body and she was itching like mad, my wife and I had several bites also, these turned out to be bed bug bites. After complaining again, they attempted to move us to the 1300 building, but we had friends staying in the owner suites who hadn't had any problems yet so we convinced them to move us there. After we were there we didn't have any further problems, but unfortunately the damage was already done. We spent the first two nights there looking for and worrying about what else we were going to find, and every morning my daughter seemed to have more and more bites on her. So we lost several days at Disney and Universal trying to get this mess straightened out and my daughter has been on Benadryl every few hours for the last week to control the itching.

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