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We stayed at the Hard Rock for a b-day party and there were 4 of us in our room (including me) and we had friends in 2 other rooms (on the 12th floor). Stayed Sat, 10/15/11 and woke up Monday morning, 10/17 with about 40 bites all over the left side of my upper body. Called the hotel ASAP to complain and they said they sent someone up to look but they did not see any bugs, but they would still have the room treated. There were 4 of us in the room and I was the only one with bites, but I have

never in my life had bites like this and my doctor confirmed they were bed bug bites. I not only complained to the manager on site when I called, but I also spoke to someone at HR, yet I have still not received a call back. There is no way I am paying $300 a night for bed bug bites!

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