Marriott Tampa Airport
3700 W Walnut St
Tampa, FL

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Wow! Covering the WIFI cost was sure a good thing. Turn on the modem full blast and the WIFI rays will drive the little buggers into the next county!
Should have gotten an in room porn flick and some booze on the tab gratis as well.

My name is D,
I recently reported of my emotional bed bug encounter here at the Airport Marriott in Tampa. Even though the experience was traumatizing for both my wife and I, the courtesy and hospitality of the staff was amazing. They accomodated every detail with sincere concern regarding the incident. We knew that it wasnt the fault of the staff but we understood that there were ways to ease the discomfort of the experience.

Not only did they change our room, but the took care of all

hotel, food, and wifi expenses for the remainder of our stay as well as made arrangements for my wife and I to stay at another beautfiful marriott for another upcoming conference. Lastly, the cleaned our relocated room in front of us and both managers spoke with us regarding the matter. I tip my hat to the Airport Marriott Staff!

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My name is D,

It was 12:15am on May 15, 2009 at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Tampa, Florida, my wife is scratching profusely next to me while I am asleep.

I keep waking up to hear her scratching and meanwhile wondering what the cause is. Finally around 215am she wakes me up and says that there are bugs in the bed that have been biting her all night. I get up and she calls the front desk while I start shaking are belongings out and packing. She then takes a shower, and I start taking

pictures of the bugs (at least 4-5 of them) in the bed. I also took pictures of the welts on her back, legs, and arms.

I was so enraged, not so much at the fact that there were bugs in the bed, but at the fact that management and Marriott will probably have nothing to do or say besides sorry about this situation. I feel so violated and I know that it is not the fault of the staff. I want to believe that it is because they have not properly inspected their rooms. But what do they really care. I know what would work, if I owned Marriott and came to stay here one night, this would be an issue. But all we are customers.

They sent security up to relocate us to another room right beneath it and I am now sitting up in the new room at 3am, not comfortable enough to sleep. I keep checking the mattress in the new room, and Im afraid to find more bugs. This is ridiculous, but what do we do? My wife insists that we leave the lights on, shake all clothing and luggage out again and probably take another shower. I know it sounds paranoid but what would you do if you woke up in a 3star hotel with infestations on your body?

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