La Quinta Tampa South
4620 W Gandy Blvd
Tampa, FL

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Husband stayed one night in this hotel (La Quinta Inn - West Gandy Blvd in Tampa, FL)a few weeks back in early November 2011. He stayed in Room 219. This was a one-night trip - so he did not stay in any other hotels around this time. Never saw anything in the room but the next day he felt itchy. He did not report bites to the front desk because he did not realize they were bites. A day or two later the itchy areas looked like raised red bites on his ankles, legs,arms and neck. I got suspicious a

s we had never dealt with anything like this so I googled the address for this hotel and sure enough found these bedbug reports. We called an extreminator to our home (who specializes in bedbugs) and they found a few dead ones and a very much alive one. We can't risk an we are in the midst of having the full treatment requiring steam and chemicals that will be spread out over 3 visits in 6 weeks. The cost will be around $1800. We are really angry about this. Have talked to the manager at this hotel and he said he'd have the exterminator come and would call us with a report. Of course - no return call and when we called him he said the Orkin man had found nothing in that room. I asked for the Orkin man's number and I called him. He told me no bedbug activity was found in that room. I told him I was certain that this is where my husband came in contact with bedbugs and I told him I had found reports of bedbug activity in this hotel posted on the internet. He then said that he could not tell me that the hotel had never had any rooms with bedbugs...only that they did not find activity in this particular room. I called La Quinta corporate offices and told them I wanted to talk to someone about a bedbug problem and I was sent to 2 different extensions and only reached someone's voicemail each time. We feel confident this hotel is the source of our new bug problem at home and we just want to warn others.

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We checked into the hotel on Thanksgiving night, 11/15/2010, and went up to our room on the 2nd Floor (we have stayed at this location several times previously). My husband left to go back to our local relative's home, and I turned on the TV to watch a movie, jumped into bed, and turned off the lights. Suddenly, I began to feel like something was crawling over me. Then, there were more somethings. Oh, boy! Did those lights come back on! Yep, bed bugs! I dialed down to the front desk, and

the attendant said she was immediately bringing me keys to a new room! And she did, and I moved our belongings to the new room at the other end of the hall. All was well for the rest of our stay.

But, seeing the posts in this forum dated several months later, it has me concerned that the problem has not gone away. We will be looking for other accommodations the next time we visit our relatives in Tampa, even tho this hotel is within a few blocks from their home.

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Found a bedbug crawling in my bed in room 116 prior to settling in for the night. Got moved to another room and could not find any evidence of bugs. Hopefully a one-time occurance.

On 14 Jan 2011, My son and daughter was getting ready for bed and noticed a circular bug crawling on the sheet. They called me and i killed the bug, later I researched bed bugs on the internet and relized that the bug I looked very similar to the bed bugs on the internet.

On August 9th 2010, I woke up with red mosquito looking bites on y arms, back, neck, legs and chest. That same morning I found 4 very small blood filled insects crawling on my bed.

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