La Quinta Inn and Suites Tampa Bay USF
3701 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL

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Had two nights reserved and was checked into room 114. The first night I did not sleep well because I had to scratch what I thought must have been mosquito bites.. The second day I took a nap in the afternoon and again I encounterded small bites on my legs which itched.. I knew I have encounterd my first incident of bed bugs.. I pulled back the matress and noticed small black shells and what appreard as very tiny black bugs..

I went to the front desk .. they put me on the forth floor and c

ompensated me with a free night. They called an exterminator immediately.

On the forrth floor I took a long shower.. put all my clothes and tea shirts that I had worn for sleeping in plastic bags and checked the bed.. Appears to be all clear .. I hope.

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